the Bridge over the Strait, the Codes and harmony with the allies –

the Bridge over the Strait, the Codes and harmony with the allies -


Of Mark Cremona

The leader of the League returns to television, comments on politics and not only public works, wins the “thorny” congress in Veneto

Matteo Salvini is in a good mood. Back on television, comment on politics and not just public works, wins the thorniest party congresses. With some deadlines that he doesn’t intend to make people forget. Today the board of directors of the resurrected Ponte dello Stretto spa will meet for the first time and also today the new Highway Code will arrive in the Council of Ministers, on which the Head of Transport has invested a lot of energy. On July 1, the new Procurement Code will come into force, on which Salvini has spent a lot since the days of the first Conte government. Not only through countless confrontations with mayors and governors in the name of “sharing”.

Yesterday the Minister of Transport also received a delegation of influencers and «talent managers» (the association is called Aicdc). The idea is to «receive proposals to enrich» the text which will be a bill and not a decree precisely to underline its openness to other contents. Finally, even if in the evening the list votes are far from having been scrutinized, the elections in Molise – on which the Northern League secretary has personally committed himself in recent days – have been won. In short, there is something to “reap the sow”, as one of his most faithful says.

Of course, the policy of “signals” – the positions taken by him or by his colonels to make the premier understand the annoyance – is now a tradition for the League. But there are days of “signals” and there are those, like yesterday, of “total harmony with Giorgia on all topics, on reconstruction in Emilia-Romagna, on everything». In case of anger, there is always someone responsible: “I read surreal reconstructions of which Giorgia and I often, indeed every day, smile on the phone, because the more they write these things, the more they cement our political, human and friendship relationship” .

And so, if a few days ago the leitmotif on the tormenting Mes was “Parliament decides” – as if to say: «Try to bring it to us, if you dare» – yesterday the music was completely different: «On the Mes we are in a majority and I will respect the choices of the whole majority». And so: «I agree with Giorgia Meloni’s words: talking about it now is not useful for Italy. We have an economic system that runs thanks to our businesses, we have a healthy banking system and, therefore, we can talk about it calmly in the autumn”. An iron Salvinian explains: «We, in government with Conte or Draghi, have often been forced to take less clear-cut positions, which we paid for. But we are not going to speculate, the voters want unity”.

The new course also sees a different attitude towards the Santanché affair. A few days have passed since the Tourism Manager’s request to be present in the Chamber. The tones had already changed, but yesterday the support was unequivocal: “I trust the colleagues with whom I work in the Council of Ministers and it is not a newspaper article or a television broadcast that makes me change my mind”. The real culprit is always the same: «Also because, according to the press, I should have stolen a few million euros and been arrested a few dozen times and then it came to naught. So I trust you.” In short, presence in the Chamber is absolutely irrelevant: «Then, you choose whether to come or not, for me it is absolutely not necessary for the left to carry out media trials. They asked me about 58 times to go and report to the Chamber on the alleged Russian funds on which the prosecutor then filed away, so I look at the facts not at the chatter ».

Sure, yesterday, and he will certainly do it again today, he hasn’t forgotten his great passion, the Bridge over the Strait. Which will be “a huge accelerator of development, wealth and tourism”. Already today, according to the minister, “in Sicily and Calabria construction sites are open for 18 billion euros for the upgrading of the railways, roads and motorways”. And given that for Salvini these are the days of good news, there is also news from France. On the Turin-Lyon Tav, the Minister of Transport Clement Beaune in fact, he said: «We will go to the end of this project». Salvini rejoices and announces: «I will visit the construction site as soon as possible».

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