Taxi emergency, Salvini promises an overall reform but no proposals on the table

Taxi emergency, Salvini promises an overall reform but no proposals on the table

“We will make a comprehensive reform to ensure a better service”. Word of the Minister of Transport and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who today listened to the unions of the taxi category and tomorrow will see the initials of the rentals with drivers. And then it will be the turn of the Regions and Municipalities. Table that has not produced anything concrete, except for a verification of the licenses of taxis and rentals with driver at a national level because the numbers do not add up. And we don't even see buffer solutions on the horizon with respect to the shortage of taxis, especially in the big cities besieged by tourists. And Salvini reiterated during the meeting, which was attended by 30 acronyms: "We are working on an overall reform, which has been awaited for years, to have more cars on the road immediately". Times, ways? No deadline has been given, also because the Northern League's deputy premier mostly listened to the positions of the representatives of the category.

The problem of the shortage of taxis was raised by the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santanché, and by the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso. Thirdly, at the beginning of July, Salvini then arrived, who took the matter to himself, almost wanting to put his Fdi colleagues aside. This morning the Deputy Ministers Galeazzo Bignami and Edoardo Rixi and Undersecretary Tullio Ferrante took part in the Ministry of Transport, as well as technicians from the Porta Pia Department and the Ministry of Enterprise.

Government held hostage by taxi drivers: "So Expo 2030 is at risk"

by Aldo Fontanarosa

Despite the tables, waiting times for a taxi during peak hours at Rome's Termini station continue to lengthen dramatically, just as finding a white car is also a problem in Milan, starting from the Central station. Also effect of the return to pre-Covid levels of tourism and less use of public transport and car sharing after the pandemic. And the photos of the queues, often under the sun at 40 degrees, make the rounds on social networks. Not a nice calling card for the country that wants to win the 2030 Expo and in view of the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan.

Deadlines also mentioned by Salvini: "I have no prejudices, but it is necessary to find solutions to improve the service in everyone's interest," he said. The minister promises an overall maneuver, which doesn't scare the acronyms. However, the unions reduce the problem of expectations and above all tie any discussion to the arrival of the three implementing decrees of the law on the reorganization of the sector of 2019: the establishment of a national electronic register on taxis and rental with driver, the service sheet for rental with driver and the regulation of technological platforms, laws Uber and other multinationals. Some of the acronyms, even if they consider face-to-face important, however, would have expected Salvini not only a promise to arrive at a reform, but proposals to address the issues. And above all certain times.

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