«Surrogacy in solidarity form? The Democratic Party would do well to say a clear no»- Corriere.it

«Surrogacy in solidarity form?  The Democratic Party would do well to say a clear no»- Corriere.it

Of Claudio Bozza

The senator of the dem: I don't think they are acts of generosity

Senator Graziano Delrio, endocrinologist, former minister, former mayor, 9 children, 7 grandchildren. She sharply opposed to pregnancy for others. Why?

Because it is a practice in which there is nothing of humanity and there is no respect for the rights of the child. already prohibited in Italy, because it involves the exploitation of other people and an offense to the dignity of women. The Constitutional Court says so, not me. Furthermore: the right to parenthood cannot be reduced to a market logic, ignoring the rights of the unborn child.

As a Catholic, you use harsh terms. Have you ever thought of voting in favor of the centre-right law which will make childbearing a universal crime?

just a propaganda initiative, nothing concrete. Even at the European level there are several pronouncements condemning surrogacy. In December 2015, the European Parliament condemned this practice, also with the support of the Democratic Party. The Spanish Socialist Party ditto. Delors and Jospin were against the baby market. The right now wants to get a medal, which in order not to block this international market.

So how would it be balanced to intervene?

This story is already regulated. Surrogacy is a crime. Even our secretary said she would do nothing to remove the crime. Elly Schlein said she was in favor of surrogacy, in a personal capacity for: that of not wanting to involve the Democratic Party is a sign of maturity.

Is it possible a solidarity GPA, i.e. without compensation, as proposed by the Magi amendment of +Europe?

The relationship between mother and child is a very close, biological, sensory relationship, as demonstrated by all the research. I can't think of surrogacy as an act of generosity. Because in any case it is a contractual fact but children are not bought or sold.

The Democratic Party will remain outside the Chamber when the Magi amendment is voted on. In order not to split publicly, you have decided not to decide. Were there other ways?

I respect the painful decision of the deputies. I would have personally proposed to clearly say no in the Chamber: both to the centre-right and to Magi's proposal. an ethical debate that cannot be governed with amendments. There are political and social implications: a huge responsibility.

You supported Stefano Bonaccini at the congress. Tomorrow you will meet in Cesena: Romano Prodi is expected to speak. satisfied with these first months of Schlein?

In Italy we are used to making judgments too quickly. Elly ignited a season of enthusiasm and interest. But we need to build a cultural and political alternative to this right. From here, the Europeans need a change of gear in the proposal for the country. We must present an immigration law worthy of Italy, strengthen the concept of public health. Longer-lasting thoughts are needed. To date we have not yet made the leap in quality, and it must be done together.

On Ukraine, you have not claimed ultra-Atlantist positions...

Europe must have the courage to take a strong diplomatic initiative for a just peace. A commitment worthy of that of the Pope and Zuppi. The diplomacy of a dozen countries practically took the field: from China to Turkey. Why has the EU been missing up to now?

In the future, do you see the Democratic Party as more allied with the M5S or with a moderate container?

I see him as the pivot of a large center-left area, where different sensitivities can coexist: environmentalist, socialist, Catholic and liberal. The common proposal on the minimum wage
it was a good start

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