Strolling in the desert in the Senate. Center-right MPs? They don’t go to Parliament

Strolling in the desert in the Senate.  Center-right MPs?  They don't go to Parliament


There is a very composed and respectable man in government who needs all our solidarity. His name is Luca Ciriani, he is minister for relations with Parliament, and must prevent the majority from going under in the votes in the House. These days, if you see him wandering around his studio, hunched over and absorbed, don’t think he’s looking for a ballpoint pen: he’s looking for the parliamentarians of his majority. Because those in Parliament don’t go there. And in fact, just to say, when yesterday morning at 10, one at a time, the twenty representatives of CGIL, CISL, UIL, Banca d’Italia, ABI, Ispra and ISS summoned by Parliament presented themselves for a hearing in the Chamber of the The Europeans of the Senate widened their eyes in front of the show that was in front of them: the empty Hall. Physically present only a few members of the opposition, in the total number of three, plus a deputy from the Brothers of Italy, a certain Satta, connected however from home. And with the “mute” button pressed on the computer. There was? There was not? Was she sleeping? Was she in the bathroom? Maybe. No one has ever heard him breathe.

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