Sicily, stop the increase in salaries for directors -

Sicily, stop the increase in salaries for directors -

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Backtrack by the regional parliament compared to the decision that was passed with a large majority and with the secret ballot in February this year

The Sicilian parliament has halted the salary increase, a clear step back from the decision that was passed with a large majority and with the secret ballot in February this year. The increase in the salaries of Sicilian parliamentarians had immediately become a national case, arousing severe criticism and controversy.

To adjust their salaries (according to the legislation to those of their national colleagues) "to the increase in the cost of living", the Sicilian parliamentarians with a large, transversal majority, and with efficient timing, in the context of the approval of the internal budget of the 'Ars, they had voted for an increase of 890 euros a month. Technically it was possible through an automatic adjustment of the Istat index linked to the cost of living. All in compliance with the law, but the increase in a phase of national and international economic crisis had aroused criticism. And also given the budgetary difficulties repeatedly explained by various island parliamentarians, the story had taken on aspects that appeared paradoxical. On a general level, "the retouching" involved a projected increase in spending from 10.4 to 11.2 million euros for the coffers of the Region.

After the outbreak of controversy, some parliamentarians had read statements aimed at finding a solution. However, given the regulatory value of the increase, it needed a legal-legislative solution. And so it was. With an amendment to the link, the Maneuver bis (as it is defined), there has now been a stop to the Istat increases for the 70 deputies of the Sicilian regional assembly. Technically, the amendment sterilizes the adjustment of benefits to the cost of living due to inflation until the end of the legislature. So no increase for the next four and a half years of the legislature. Only the president of the Ars (Sicilian Regional Assembly) Gaetano Galvagno, a politician who plays in the ranks of FdI, spoke publicly on the matter with a statement. "I had made a commitment to have this law voted on at the first opportunity, we did it without the spotlight and media pressure," he explained. This declaration should also be read and interpreted as a defense of the prerogatives of the Sicilian Region which has an autonomous statute. During the days of the centre-right and centre-left parliamentary controversies they had in fact underlined that the interference of the national team was wrong. And while several Sicilian parliamentarians had preferred the "no comment" while voting in favour, some had made public statements in a debate at the Ars.

One of the most important exponents of the Sicilian Democratic Party, and parliamentarian for various legislatures at the Ars, Antonello Cracolici, had spoken of «unjustified attacks for an automatism provided for by law. I am a free man and I am not ashamed to say that I am against the abolition of the rule. I defend the autonomy of this Assembly". And Gianfranco Micciche, the historic exponent of Forza Italia, had not backed down from the controversies: «We are considered the crap of the country, whatever we do. Enough. We need a shot of dignity. With the allowance as a parliamentarian I arrive at the end of the month and I apologize to those who unfortunately do not get there. But I don't have villas, I don't have yachts and I don't steal, a fuss has arisen over an automatic device. I would have avoided asking for a secret ballot, but unfortunately there are colleagues in this hall who are afraid of demagoguery". It should be added that two councilors of the Schifani government had also spoken out against the repeal of the increase, the autonomist Roberto di Mauro (Mpa led by Raffaele Lombard) and the Northern League Mimmo Turano, and the group leader of the DC (with leader Totò Cuffaro) Carmel Peace.

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