Schlein thinks of Rai: he wants Furfaro in Supervision, but the lists are already closed

Schlein thinks of Rai: he wants Furfaro in Supervision, but the lists are already closed

The call from the Nazarene to the group leader Debora Serracchiani: "It's impossible now". Thus the new course of the Democratic Party looks to Viale Mazzini

Telephone call from the Nazarene to Deborah Serracchianileader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber: "Put Marco Furfaro under Rai supervision". Embarrassment. "Well, I'm sorry. But the lists were already filed yesterday." Elly Schlein he also begins to think of Viale Mazzini, an ancient passion of the dem house. That's why today he tried to place the most loyal deputy, destined to become deputy secretary, among the parliamentarians who will deal with Supervision.

It is a pity that the lists had already been closed and read yesterday in the Chamber by the current president of the Montecitorio assembly, in this case Fabio Rampelli.

For the Chamber there are four members of the Democratic Party: Ouidad Bakkali, Stefano Graziano, Guido Peluffo and Nicola Zingaretti. Which are added to those indicated in the Senate: Annamaria Furlan, Antonio Nicita and Francesco Verducci. So the game is now over.

The presidency of Rai Supervision belongs to the opposition and, barring surprises from the Third Pole with Maria Elena Boschi, he should go to the M5s with Riccardo Ricciardi, vice president of the party led by Giuseppe Conte. Negotiations with the majority are stalled, we will talk about it next week.

And yet Rai is also coveted by Schlein's new course, so much so that the new secretary wanted to appoint Furfaro, already delegated to communication of the Nazarene with Zingaretti and Letta, as lookout. But the die is now cast. However there is a workaround: Furfaro should join the secretariat, as deputy Elly, with the vast delegation to information. However, a way to manage the dear things of the Rai house from the outside.

  • Simone Canettieri

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