"A stretch of road named after Berlinguer, the other after Almirante: in Grosseto we will have via della Pacificazione Nazionale", Criticisms from Pd and Anpi

"A stretch of road named after Berlinguer, the other after Almirante: in Grosseto we will have via della Pacificazione Nazionale", Criticisms from Pd and Anpi

In Grosseto the way of the "National Pacification". In fact, this will be the name of the road from which via Almirante, on the right, and via Berlinguer, on the left, wind off. With the bipartisan toponymy, the Tuscan capital celebrates the desire to "carry on a serious political dialogue" by saying no to "ideological hatred". The streets will be built in the new Borgo Nuovo residential complex, on the outskirts of the city. The initiative was announced by the municipal councilor for toponymy, deputy and regional coordinator of the Brothers of Italy, Fabrizio Rossi, after the municipal council ratified the minutes of the commission on new roads.

A decision that at the time had attracted widespread controversy, especially via Almirante. "The road that will connect Largo delle Nazioni to the buildings under construction - explains Rossi - will take the name of Via della Pacificazione Nazionale. The same road will then branch out into two sections: the first, via Giorgio Almirante, on the right, the other, via Enrico Berlinguer, on the left". "This topic is deeply felt for us. National reconciliation has always been a priority of the old leader of the MSI. Among other things, relations with political opponents were certain, as evidenced by the presence of Giorgio Almirante himself at the funeral home before the funeral of Enrico Berlinguer. Circumstance reciprocated on the death of Giorgio Almirante, by the partisan Giancarlo Pajetta ", explains Rossi.

The relationship between the two developed during the dark years of terrorism and included - as told by Almirante's right-hand man, Massimo Magliaro - also secret contacts, clandestine meetings that took place on Fridays in the late afternoon, when the parliamentarians had already returned home, on the fourth floor of the Chamber.

Councilor Rossi recalls that "already in April 2018 the issue of naming two streets of our city after Almirante and Berlinguer was brought and approved in the City Council: with today's resolution minutes by the City Council, all this soon it will be reality, and it is a clear and clear signal to everyone. This is the difference between the Brothers of Italy, who have always tried to carry on a serious political dialogue, with those who instead continue to engage in ideological hatred and politics is one's workhorse".

But the double naming of the road arouses criticism. For the provincial and city Anpi "Giorgio Almirante was a fascist in the service of the Nazis who occupied Italy: this news hurts even more because in a few days, on March 22, the 79th anniversary of the massacre of Maiano Lavacchio will occur where eleven young men were shot by the fascists after a roundup and among the moral instigators of that massacre there was precisely the head of the cabinet Giorgio Almirante, as shown by the manifesto that the Grosseto prefecture had posted.We believe that in memory of the countless victims of fascism that street must instead be dedicated to the 'Partisans who fell to defend our freedom'".

The Pd group recalls the recent controversies that have invested the mayor of Grosseto "for the unfortunate joke about Schlein" and now "proposes Grosseto to the whole of Italy for this controversial and perverse triangle of road intersections between via Almirante, via della Pacificazione and via Berlinguer ". The PRC circle stigmatizes "the equality with the figure of Enrico Berlinguer, a politician of mirrored honesty still regretted today: what a hypocrisy the National Pacification by those who until a few hours ago covered our city with ridicule".

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