Schlein: "I'll talk to former mayor Uggetti"

Schlein: "I'll talk to former mayor Uggetti"

I will hear from Uggetti soon. We will discuss, and with him I will talk about the idea of ​​justice that the Democratic Party has in mind”. Elly Schlein read the interview given to Il Foglio by the former mayor of Lodi in the aftermath of the acquittal, also in the appeal-bis process, of the charge of bid rigging for an affair involving the management of two municipal swimming pools . Seven years of judicial ordeal which have left their mark not only on Uggetti's private and political life, but which also served to swell the long list of stories of public figures and politicians involved in legal proceedings which then end up in nothing, and which however in the meantime they end up exposed to the public pillory. As was the case, in fact, in the case involving the already mayor of Lombardy, arrested in 2016 and held in San Vittore prison for ten days.

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