Santanchè will clarify, that text is not a political act –

Santanchè will clarify, that text is not a political act -


Of Monica Guerzoni

The premier and the agenda on Visibilia. The Minister: I paid taxes and saved companies

Expected on Wednesday in the Senate, Daniela Santanch is working on the defensive statements with which she hopes to appease the oppositions on July 5th. Giorgia Meloni was enraged by the incompetence shown by her parents and yet she does not intend to give up the Minister of Tourism and made it clear from Brussels, commenting on the parliamentary trap into which the majority fell. The vote in the Chamber against the Visibilia company attributable to the FdI executive it should not be interpreted politically, said the premier, trying to remove the suspicions that have been floating on the restless waters of the majority for days: Santanch will be in the Chamber on Wednesday, that is the day on which he will clarify his position.

The agenda devised by the Democratic Party, in which it is asked to sanction Visibilia and other companies that had taken advantage of the Covid layoffs, still causes discussion. Ai dem succeeded in the ambush in Montecitorio and, in view of the showdown in the Chamber, they are determined to raise the tone. Arturo Scotto, the deputy who co-signed the agenda on the Labor decree law, told the Courier that technically the minister was disheartened. The Alliance of Greens and the Left goes ahead with the Santanch petition to resign, which has collected 40,000 signatures in three days. They continue to protect a minister who, hearing the testimonies reported by Reportsdid not pay his employees the severance pay despite having houses and luxury goods, attacks Elisabetta Piccolotti.

Santanch collects and goes straight to the Chamber, where he hopes to convince the senators that I have paid all taxes and saved companies and newspapers. He doesn’t believe that part of the center-right voted for that agenda to hit it, even if 70% of them would be Northern League supporters. She feels pretty calm, not worried at allready to say the whole truth and convinced that even if the opposition were to present a motion of no confidence, the majority would reject it unitedly. I am sure that it will clarify and the controversies will end, the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana takes sides. Many parliamentarians from the Brothers of Italy fear instead that no, the controversies will not end until the judiciary strikes a blow, for better or for worse. On the device there was sharing on the part of everyone, honestly – acknowledges Maurizio Lupi on Rai Tre – it is clear that in the premises the opposition makes a political document, but it doesn’t seem to bring home much.

And the president Ignazio La Russa denies having ever been Daniela Santanch’s company lawyer, despite being the two very close politically: My professional activity was limited to a simple warning against a partner who, according to them, proved to be not exactly perfect. I only deal with crime….

Yesterday the minister was in her Milan, tonight she will dine on the Amerigo Vespucci and on Saturday she will be in Genoa with Minister Abodi for the Ocean Rise regatta. Venting off to friends and colleagues in these difficult days, Santanch explained that I will go to the Chamber not because the left asks me to and I will not speak as a minister, but for my honor and my history as an entrepreneur. The information does not have a time limit, while the groups will have 5 minutes each and you will not be able to reply. Under political and media attack for the investigation of Reports which speaks of golden compensation for directors, unpaid suppliers and fired employees who would not have been paid the TFR, Santanch feels he has the world of industry on his side. On Monday, when she was invited to take the stage for the listing of the Ferretti group on the stock exchange, she said she had received many letters and emails of support from entrepreneurs who worked hard to keep companies alive during Covid.

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