Santanchè: “Resign, I’m not resigning. I’ll report to the Chamber when the group leaders decide”

Santanchè: "Resign, I'm not resigning. I'll report to the Chamber when the group leaders decide"


“I’m calm. When the group leaders decide, I will report to Parliament. resign? For what? Resign yourselves. I have been in politics for 23 years and I have nothing to hide”. Word of Daniela Santanchè on the case raised by the Raitre Report broadcast. The Minister of Tourism took part today in Milan in the conference ‘Future, attainable goals, sustainable objectives’ organized by the Stelline foundation.

Then on the criticisms raised on the behavior of Santanchè by his former consultant, the former minister Cirino Pomicino, Santanchè cut it short by replying to the reporters who besieged him: “I’m glad you like it. I wish you all a nice day. Since it’s sunny”. During the conference, the minister was asked questions only about tourism.


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