Salvini opens to Zaia’s fourth term, and thus keeps him in his grip

Salvini opens to Zaia's fourth term, and thus keeps him in his grip


“If one is good, why can’t he reapply?” says the minister in Naples, also winking at De Luca. The League has lost the territory and perhaps is finding a way to get it back

Matteo Salvini breaks the ice with a skilful move, at his rival’s house. “If a governor or mayor is good and has already served two terms”, the question is about De Luca, “why can’t he reapply if the citizens choose him again?”. Small addition. “If one is good, he can even make four”. And look, four would be just those of Luca Zaia – there are no other cases of similar longevity – if he returns to the regional elections in 2025. Salvini’s statements arrive en passant, almost walking out the door, during the congress of the General Union of work in Naples. They comfort the leaders of the centre-left in the south: even Emiliano in Puglia has the same problem. But they speak straight to the heart of the Veneto. The timing is well calibrated. Only last Saturday did Zaia honor the new regional secretary of the Carroccio, that Alberto Stefani who is Matteo’s political godson and who is liked by the territory like a glass of Croatian prosek. The doge spoke loudly. “It’s time to open up to young people, we are at the beginning of a new renaissance, in the name of La Liga”. Unbelievable stuff, the dissident base was indignant. Downloaded on its own at the most beautiful, by her most revered mentor. And in fact, rather than to believe, there was to wait. According to the pure logic of do ut des: Zaia denies his reputation as an impartial administrator, turns his back on him and gives the decisive push to the yes men imposed by Rome; Salvini opens the doors of the absolute governorship to him. Here it is, the counterpart. It’s a double pact with the devil, which maybe will make some voters turn up their noses. But he rests on a series of very pragmatic observations. First: the League is in a full-blown crisis of consensus.

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