Renzi: "Giorgia, do you hear this Vox?". The results of the elections in Spain seen from Italian politics

Renzi: "Giorgia, do you hear this Vox?".  The results of the elections in Spain seen from Italian politics

The oppositions rejoice at the flop of the sovereigns and Forza Italia comments with satisfaction on the success of the populars: "The EPP represents the center of politics also in Spain". "The next Europeans will be won in the center," says the leader of Italia Viva

It did not go as Giorgia Meloni would have liked, who a few days before the Spanish elections had decided to put her face in it by participating (remotely) in an initiative by Vox in Valencia. The extremist right-wing Spanish party not only fails, but retreats from the previous consultation, while the Popular Party advances and Sanchez's socialist left holds. In short, a government to be written, but also a result welcomed with satisfaction, for different reasons (and with nuances) in Italy. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani speaks of "good news for all of Europe", congratulating Nunez Feijoo and "with the friends of the PP who, with over 8 million votes, are once again the first party in Spain. The EPP also represents the center of politics in Spain", wrote the leader of Forza Italia on Twitter.

Matteo Renzi was more pungent. "We don't know who won, but we know who lost: Vox, the extremist right. It's an interesting sign: you don't win elections against Europe. And the next European elections will be won in the centre. A message that from Madrid also reaches Rome loud and clear. Giorgia, do you hear this Vox?", commented the number one of Italia viva, addressing the premier directly, who this morning has not yet made any statements on Spain's electoral outcome but called Vox leader Abascalas the Sheet is able to reveal.

The few comments that come from FdI are however of apparent satisfaction. The Melonian MEP Nicholas Procaccini he doesn't say disappointed, "because the main point is not the result taken individually by Vox". He prefers to take it easy, in the interview granted to Repubblica: "The interesting, historical fact is the possible contribution that Vox can give to an executive with the Popular Party. It would represent the beginning of a new political season for Spain, they are what the Brothers of Italy were a few years ago", explains Procaccini, adding that the agenda of Fdi and its Spanish cousins ​​is "overlapping".

On the Pd front, and it could not have been otherwise, the reasoning is common: the nationalists have failed. And it is an excellent result for the dem secretary who again on Saturday, intervening in connection with the general states of socialism, had spent herself in support of Pedro Sanchez and the Psoe. Instead, Carlo Calenda is less optimistic who on the one hand is "happy" for the defeat of Vox, but on the other he says: "There is a problem, popular and social democrats cannot govern together, there are, like in Italy, many barriers between right and left, while there are many things to do together".

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