Meloni consoles Abascal: "I won't give up on you, our project with Vox goes on"

Meloni consoles Abascal: "I won't give up on you, our project with Vox goes on"

The premier telephones the leader of the Spanish ultra-right after the disappointment of the polls. And she confesses: "I didn't expect such a result"

AND Giorgia Meloni console Santiago Abascal. Last night, with the result acquired, the prime minister telephoned the leader of Vox, with whom she has a long tradition of rallies together and public messages of support.

The leader of the Italian right-wing asked the head of the Spanish ultra-right to explain the reasons for the lack of success, because it will be very difficult for her to go into government.

"I'm sorry I don't have a friendly government in the Mediterranean," Meloni told Abascal, quite enraged by the attitude of Feijóo, leader of the Popolari, in this electoral campaign. Meloni told Abascal that the project together continues: that the Brothers of Italy will not give up Vox. Also because the formation of the government is not easy at all.

The phone call, which Il Foglio is able to reveal, is the only fact that comes from Italy on the Spanish elections. At the moment in Palazzo Chigi they take time. It is not known whether Meloni will come out with a press release or with a statement to comment on the outcome of the polls which, on balance, does not seem to smile at Vox's Brothers of Spain.

Meloni did not expect this outcome: "A nice blow", commented by his staff.

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