Regionals in Molise, polls open. The stake for the parties

Regionals in Molise, polls open.  The stake for the parties

Ballot boxes open from 7 in Molise where people vote today until 11 pm and tomorrow (from 7 to 3 pm) for the regional elections. A mini electoral test (the region is the least populous and the least extensive after Valle d'Aosta) and the only electoral challenge of the summer under the attention of national politics.

Three candidates for governor with the coalitions presenting themselves united to the electorate: Robert Gravina (Movimento 5 Stelle), mayor of Campobasso supported by the centre-left coalition (6 lists), Francesco Roberti (Forza Italia), mayor of Termoli supported by the centre-right (7 lists) e Emilio Izzoindependent supported by the list "I don't vote for the usual suspects" (he chose a pig as the symbol).

There are 20 councilors to be elected in addition to the president. The outgoing governor is Donato Toma (Forza Italia) who in the last five years has led the center-right majority and who is not a re-nominee. Among the centre-right candidates there is also the former president of the Region Michael Iorio.

Those entitled to vote are 327,805, but among these there are 85,000 residing abroad. In the region, the incidence of residents outside the national borders is very high: over 30%. The effective residents are less than 290 thousand.

The presence of the big names

Only Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni did not come to the region for the electoral campaign, for the rest everyone was there: from Matthew Salviniwhich in Molise is seen four times in a month, a Joseph Contewho spent two full days there ea Elly Schlein: for the complicated marriage between M5S and Pd, the polls will be a moment of trial. Schlein and Conte did not go up to a stage together: in Campobasso the secretary of the Democratic Party and the former premier met for 40 minutes in a bar (Nicola Fratoianni of the Italian Left was present).

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