Pride in Palermo, Brothers of Italy against the patronage given by the right-wing mayor -

Pride in Palermo, Brothers of Italy against the patronage given by the right-wing mayor -

Of Alessandra Arachi

Carlona Varchi, first signature of the bill on surrogate motherhood, a universal crime, attacks Roberto Lagalla, mayor of his coalition: four fifths of the majority are with how, even the League.

Stindigo Roberto Lagalla how was the Gay Pride on Saturday in Palermo?

Well, a quiet square, no dissonance in terms of anger, rancor, violence. I would say an elegant event

No dissonance in the square, but a lot of noise in its junta. Deputy Mayor Carolina Varchi, Fdi, protested a lot.

I am very familiar with the positions of the Brothers of Italy in terms of rights and ethical issues. But in this matter a just answer of all opinions is needed. And it is up to the mayor to be pluralistic, to leave freedom and sensitivity.

Now for his split majority

I wouldn't say so.

In what sense?

Four-fifths of the right-wing breakfast agreed with the mayor.

And who are the parties in your coalition?

Forza Italia, Lega, Christian Democracy and my civic list, "Let's work for Palermo", a centrist list of Christian Democrat inspiration, as well as Italia Viva.

So no reshuffle?

Obviously not. If ever a reshuffle were to be made it will certainly not be for issues related to advocacy or homophobia.

But do you agree with all the requests brought forward by Pride?

No, I'm against surrogacy.

Also pregnancy for others supportive?

Women don't have to be biological carriers.

So on this he thinks like Carlona Varchi who presented a bill to the Chamber to make surrogacy a universal crime.

Not just about this.

And what else?

With Fdi there are many points in common. For example, we worked together to heal the scandal of the Palermo cemetery.

Do you make transcripts on the municipal registers of children of homoparental couples?



Until there is a law regulating this matter, I don't want to make them. The risk, as has already happened, that we will have to go back. And this would hurt children, who are the first to be protected.

Have you heard from your deputy mayor Varchi?

Yes sure.

And did you fight?

Arguing a big word. We respect each other.

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June 25, 2023 (change June 25, 2023 | 15:13)

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