Pd in ​​turmoil over Sardines entering the secretariat. Here are the new team leaders

Pd in ​​turmoil over Sardines entering the secretariat.  Here are the new team leaders


Areadem opposed to any roles for Cristallo and Santori. An agreement has been found for the leaders of the Senate and the Chamber: they will be Francesco Boccia and Chiara Braga

The agreement in the Democratic Party is now taken for granted. As we anticipated on the Sheet, Francesco Boccia he will be the new dem group leader in the Senate. While in these hours the knot concerning Montecitorio has been resolved: after hours of absent-mindedness, in the end the choice would have fallen on Clare Braga. The forty-three-year-old deputy from Como, a member of the current Areadem, an expert on environmental issues, would be, in Schlein’s assessments, the right profile to guarantee gender alternation between the two houses of Parliament. A request on which grumblings had already been heard in these hours within the party, after the replacement of Deborah Serracchiani And Simon Malpezzi. The highest name in the quotations until a few hours ago was that of Giuseppe Provenzano.

But in the Democratic Party the question of institutional appointments is not the only one to hold the court. In reality, in these hours a part of the Democratic Party, in particular the current Areadem, is showing great apprehension for the possible entry of the Sardines Jasmine Cristallo and Mattia Santori into the new secretariat. The party’s executive body will meet for the first time next week, and the team supporting Elly Schlein will need to be complete for that occasion. But already from the first statements by Cristallo (against the waste-to-energy plant, against the shipment of weapons to Ukraine and in favor of the alliance with the M5s) many have begun to have doubts about the feasibility of the operation which would like to incorporate the movement born into the Democratic Party in the Emilian regional elections of 2020. For this reason, the advice addressed to the secretary, who has already placed them in the national direction, was: think carefully.


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