Fiscal delegation and bridge over the Strait. Today at 16.30 the CDM

Fiscal delegation and bridge over the Strait.  Today at 16.30 the CDM

Taxation will be the central theme of the Council of Ministers. In recent days, the unions have already rejected the reform and are preparing to take to the streets. Meanwhile Meloni will be at the CGIL congress tomorrow

Fiscal delegation and bridge over the Strait. These are the main and most discussed items on the agenda of the Council of Ministers to be held today at 16.30. The tax reform enabling law arrives on the table after the premier Giorgia Meloni he spoke about it yesterday in the House during question time.

"The backbone will be the revision of the personal income tax system, with a progressive reduction in the number of personal income tax rates and the goal of a lower tax burden for all taxpayerswith particular attention to medium-low incomes and taking into account the composition of the family nucleus", Meloni declared yesterday regarding the government's direction on the reform. There are therefore three pillars also illustrated in the note from Palazzo Chigi: less tax pressure, change in relationship between the tax authorities and the tax payer and the fight against tax evasion labor unionsreceived on Tuesday at a meeting chaired by the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgettihave already rejected the reform. CGIL, CISL and UIL have said they are ready to take to the streets, even if no strike announcement has yet arrived. Yesterday, Maurizio Landini, during the opening of the CGIL congress he asked to withdraw the bill. And he reiterated the words of the deputy secretary Fracassi of the previous day: "It is not possible, a few hours after the convening of the Council of Ministers, to convene the social partners and the union for information on the contents of the tax delegation law in a partial, summary, generic way ". A tense confrontation between the government and the unions that will continue tomorrow during the third day of the CGIL congress, which will also be attended by Giorgia Meloni.

Also on the agenda is the decree on Bridge over the Strait of Messina. On the subject the Minister of Infrastructure Matthew Salvini he has already said he is ready to start the works: "We plan to approve the executive project by 31 July 2024".

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