Padua, 33 dolls spread out in front of the court: the rainbow mothers take to the streets

Padua, 33 dolls spread out in front of the court: the rainbow mothers take to the streets


Sent to Padua. Thirty-three dolls spread out on a tarp in front of the entrance to the courthouse. And above each doll thirty-three recommended. Thirty-three like the children who, after the appeal decided by the Padua prosecutor’s office, risk having the surname of one of their two mothers canceled from their birth certificate. This is the way in which the Rainbow Families decided this morning to express their opposition to the move by the Paduan magistrates, the only ones in Italy not only to challenge the transcripts made by the mayors in recent months (i.e. after the sentence of the Cassation and the subsequent circular with which the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi asked the first citizens to stop the registrations of the children of same-parent couples), but also those dating back to the past. And so in Padua, for example, next November even a six-year-old girl risks having one of her two surnames deleted.

«It hasn’t reached us yet but the notifications are arriving that provide for the cancellation of my surname from the birth certificate of our daughter – explains Michela Vedovato, one of the mothers involved -. We only ask that our children be given the same rights as others.” “I am the aunt of a girl born to two mothers and I am here because we want them to listen to us, because first of all we are human beings. There is no need to label anything », says Abril Gonzalez, who has a poster around her neck with the words“ We are families ”.

“The one decided by the prosecutor’s office, which also intervenes retroactively, is a political act that will also have disastrous effects on the future life of these children” says the deputy of the Democratic Party Alessandro Zan, in the front row of the garrison.


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