«On 17 June in procession to oppose the Meloni government»- Corriere.it

«On 17 June in procession to oppose the Meloni government»- Corriere.it

The leader of the M5S accuses the premier of having "introduced greater precariousness" and of having accused people in difficulty of being "sofa lovers" by cutting their social spending

Demonstration against the government announced via social media by Giuseppe Conte, leader of the M5S, for June 17 in Rome in Largo Corrado Ricci. In a video, in which Conte makes the faces of someone who does not believe Meloni filmed while talking about work (and which he eventually moves away), he says «May Day Meloni introduced greater precariousness. What's more, he has cut social spending for people in difficulty, accusing them of being divanists. On the other hand, they managed to find money for more military supplies. Are these the Meloni government policies we want? Obviously not. We have to fight all of this. Let's meet on June 17 in Rome. We will parade in procession, to say no to the increasingly precarious and insecure lives that this government wants to impose on us". According to Conte: «This government is not interested in the increasingly insecure and precarious lives of Italians, it does not interest those who have taken out a mortgage and find themselves with increases of 40 or 50 percent: we have said to withdraw the money from the extra profits of banking companies , insurance, pharmaceutical and war industries which are racking up huge profits. Nothing to do". Furthermore, «Italians cannot be underpaid with 2 or 3 euros gross per hour without a legal minimum wage. We cannot forget the heroes of the pandemic, the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers. We must invest more in health care, in our young people who go to schools that are falling apart, increasingly insecure. We have to fight all of this."

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May 25, 2023 (change May 25, 2023 | 11:57 am)

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