No, this is not how you oppose the Meloni government

No, this is not how you oppose the Meloni government

Meloni deserves to be opposed by a pugnacious opposition, with good arguments, however. Here instead there is a lot of confusion, and Repubblica is, as usual, the great newspaper-tribune of confusion. The beautiful confusion, as Francesco Piccolo would say? Nope, ugly. Let's start from the most important question and also full of memory and emotion, the Fosse Ardeatine. The historic sole of my Gappist and communist parents, of the Trombadori, of the Bufalini and the others would not have objected with scandalized cries at the phrase according to which the martyrs of the Ardeatine "were killed in retaliation only because they were Italians". It is enough to read the Letters of the death row inmates of the Resistance to see that the identification of the War of Liberation with patriotism was almost total. It is enough to read "A choice of life", the colossal memoir by Giorgio Amendola, to understand that the logic of the Liberation Committee was "national", then it was not forbidden to say the country or to the Anglo-Saxon this country, this country, but it was not customary.

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