«No personalism or it would be the end. Enough with the currents, only ideas count»- Corriere.it

«No personalism or it would be the end.  Enough with the currents, only ideas count»- Corriere.it


Of Paula DiCaro

The blue minister: with Tajani we will continue to be a point of reference in the European People’s Party

We don’t have to start over, because Forza Italia has never stopped. Paolo Zangrillo, Minister for the Public Function, when asked where a party that has lost its sole leader starts again, answers without hesitation. The real challenge now is to confirm its centrality even without Berlusconi. An unrepeatable leader, who changed politics. The centre-right loses its leader, but holds on to its values. Our responsibility is to guarantee its projection into the future.

Yesterday you met with the groups and decided on a path that will lead to a congress: is this a path shared by all?

I don’t think there are any possible alternatives. In this phase, unity and sharing are essential for all those who authentically recognize themselves in FI.

Will Tajani guide you or has the underground struggle to climb the party already begun?

We must follow the teachings of Berlusconi, who has always believed in the merits and valued the many capable people of FI. We have to field a recognizable, valuable personality, able to represent us. With Antonio’s guidance we will be a point of reference within the EPP and the liberal and Catholic values ​​of the centre-right.

The congress will be in 2024: in the meantime, how can we keep FI alive?

I was moved by the very long tribute paid to Berlusconi in the Chamber, more than 5 minutes of applause, a testament to the affection and esteem that he has been able to build across the board. from that ability to reach people’s hearts, from that humanity that has always preceded his other extraordinary virtues that we must draw inspiration and strength to do what he asked of us: to be among people. We will already do it this Saturday in Novara together with our national leaders.

What should the management of the party be like, collegiate, innovative in the bodies? And what does the management of the symbol entrusted to a lawyer close to the family mean?

The Berlusconi family has never failed, even more so these days, to support a political project recognized as one of the president’s great undertakings. Dialogue and teamwork will continue to be our strength. Symbol and organisms are technical issues that we will be able to deal with calmly.

imaginable FI as a party of currents, given that we are talking about Ronzulliani, Fasciniani, loyalists of Tajani?

Currents seem to me expressions of power. Only the ideas count, on which we need to confront each other and then make a synthesis. The future of Forza Italia depends on the ability to resist the often recurring temptation to make personalistic logics prevail. This would only be the beginning of the end.

Do you see it possible for a family member of Berlusconi to enter the field?

a personal choice and I say it starting from my experience. My commitment to politics materialized only when I felt intimately ready. The same goes for everyone: a personal choice that cannot be pushed or forced.

Does the government risk that there could be shocks to the government in the FI adjustment process?

FI is mature and able to handle internal issues without having repercussions on the government. These first months have been a virtuous exercise which, in spite of imaginative narratives, have consolidated the ability of the allies to stay together. None of us escapes the responsibility of giving answers to citizens. Politics needs continuity, we must make every effort for a legislature government. So together, albeit with distinctive features.

How important is your link with the EPP in guaranteeing you political space? And can it be an aggregation factor at the centre?

The centrality of FI in the EPP is another legacy of Berlusconi. It was clear to him how Italy’s future depended on its ability to count on an international level. We must continue on this path. Mergers are welcome, as long as they respect our values.

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