Forza Italia united on Tajani regent But it is already a challenge between the areas of the party

Forza Italia united on Tajani regent But it is already a challenge between the areas of the party


Of Paula DiCaro

Ronzulli attacks the «newcomers». Barelli’s reply: a certain management had sent them away

First the emotion, with the Chamber’s tribute to Berlusconi applauded by everyone except the M5S, the left and a piece of Pd. Then the formalization of a path that had been decided for days and shared: Forza Italia will hold its National Council to elect the new president on July 15, and the only candidate in the field is Antonio Tajani. Later it will be decided when to hold – in 2024, whether before or after the European elections – a congress which this time may be “real”: currents, factions, have already begun to sharpen their blades in view of a battle for the best positioning. All while the FI symbol passes from the hands of the historic treasurer Alfredo Messina (who enters the Presidential Committee) to those of the lawyer Fabio Roscioli, also lawyer of the Berlusconi family: a signal that Marina, the eldest daughter, will maintain a form of control , which Tajani however repeats will be “in respect of the roles”. Without descents into the field, in short.

Many open nodes, but not to be exhibited in public. Yesterday in fact in the meeting joint of the blue groups of the Senate, Chamber and European Parliament, the tones were calm, with some heavy thrusts only at the end. Certainly not when Antonio Tajani spoke of the need to remain united and promised “willingness to involve the entire ruling class”. Rather, the fact that the competition is already open can also be read in the words of Licia Ronzulli, who despite being with the group leaders of the Chamber and European Parliament in the command deck with Tajani, attacks without naming them the so-called «Fascina boys», the loyalists of the companion of the Cavaliere, also absent from the Chamber yesterday. And that for many represents a mystery, but also a fear given her closeness to the family and awaiting the opening of the will: also considering the activism of hers, what role could she play in the party? «If he wants, he can give the contribution he wants», says Tajani, taking a step forward compared to «he doesn’t need any role». But no one is unbalanced.

And so here in the meantime, while Tajani will have to keep everything together, the challenges. Ronzulli is indeed tough in her intervention: it is right to open up to the outside, she says but “a selection is needed”. And you need to respect hierarchies: «We ask those who arrive to have a little respect and to get in line. He cannot imagine, perhaps from some column of some newspaper, of dictating the line in solitude to those who have dedicated years and years of life to this community, without agreeing to it”. References that are not difficult to translate: the new entries in Lombardy, where Alessandro Sorte has taken his place as coordinator, the prominent roles of Stefano Benigni and Tullio Ferrante, responsible for youth and membership. Iron Fascinians, in turn, are ready to gain their own weight to the detriment of Ronzulli’s area and in support of Tajani. It is no coincidence that perhaps yesterday Paolo Barelli, an iron Tajanian, indirectly replied to Ronzulli: it is right to be selective in arrivals, but there are also people who have left because the party was managed “in a way to make them leave…” . Battles that will be highlighted in the coming weeks, and then towards the congress, to be held before or after the Europeans: it will depend on the trend in the polls, still growing today due to the Berlusconi effect, and on the balance of power.

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