No, ambiguity about Ukraine doesn't pay. Notes for Schlein and Conte

No, ambiguity about Ukraine doesn't pay.  Notes for Schlein and Conte

In their small way, indeed in their very small way, the elections in Molise, won by the centre-right, have shown that the attempt carried out in recent months by the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement to expand their electoral base by betting on the country's imminent catastrophe, on the the government's fascist drift and on Italy's democratic emergency is not bearing the hoped-for results. It did not bear the hoped-for results having described Meloni as a power-hungry extremist willing to do anything to occupy all the seats (yesterday Meloni chose as commissioner for the flood emergency in Emilia-Romagna the same general chosen by Draghi to lead the vaccination campaign in 2021, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, and as successor to Ignazio Visco in Bankitalia the same technician who would have appointed Draghi if had remained in office a few months longer, Fabio Panetta). And even having leveraged the ambiguity of the positions relating to support for Ukraine in recent months has not brought the desired results.

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