Mes, Pnrr, BCE. Meloni's Europe sickness tested by Parliament

Mes, Pnrr, BCE.  Meloni's Europe sickness tested by Parliament

Stand on the merits. This time the alibi also has its foundation, the reticence will have its justification. If Giorgia Meloni, in communications to Parliament, will skilfully bypass the swamps of the Mes and the Pnrr, it is because strictly speaking, in the conclusions of the European Council that will be discussed on Thursday and Friday in Brussels, those topics will not be touched upon, at least formally. They will be the subject of side talks and conferences, perhaps, but they will not enter the official documents. In short, the premier will stick to the text to avoid the rest. All the more so since the rest, in hindsight, you say of the government's concern over the European agenda illuminated even by coincidences. In fact, June 30 will mark the expiry of the Recovery semester: and, for the first time since the launch of the Next Generation Eu, Italy will not submit the request for payment within the ordinary time frame.

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