Municipalities, polling stations open until 11pm. The challenges of Ancona, Vicenza, Pisa and Siena -

Municipalities, polling stations open until 11pm. The challenges of Ancona, Vicenza, Pisa and Siena -

Of Cesare Zapperi

Voters at the polling stations for the runoffs in seven provincial capitals and for the first round of the municipal elections in Sicily and Sardinia

Polling stations open from 7 to 23 tonight (and then tomorrow from 7 to 15) in the seven provincial capitals in the run-off round: Vicenza, Ancona, Pisa, Siena, Massa, Terni and Brindisi. But the polls are also open for the first round of the administrative elections also in Sicily and Sardinia, where four other large cities go to vote: Catania, Trapani, Ragusa and Syracuse (a total of 128 Sicilian and 38 Sardinian municipalities go to vote).

The attention of national politics is concentrated on the ballots. The center-right starts from a large advantage, gained in the first round of 14 and 15 May. When he snatched Latina from the center-left and kept Sondrio, Treviso and Imperia. The starting result was therefore 4 to 2, with the centre-left prevailing only in Teramo and Brescia. Now the decisive match is being played to see how the final balance will be (on the eve it was 8 to 5 for the centre-right. In Ancona, the so-called red stronghold which the centre-right hopes to conquer after decades of domination by the centre-left, the centre-right candidate Daniel Silvetti managed to place first with 45%. The challenge with the centre-left candidate Ida Simonella (41.3%). The Pd, on the other hand, aims to push Vicenza to the centre-right. The candidate is in the Venetian city Giacomo Possamai (46.2% in the first round), also supported in the second round by the M5s, tries to repeat the result obtained last year by Damiano Tommasi in Verona by evicting the outgoing mayor from the Municipality Francis Rucco (44.1%).

The other decisive territory for the ballots is Tuscany. Where the centre-left he hopes to bring Pisa, Siena and Massa back into his camp. The key challenge takes place in the city of the Tower, where the candidate is from the centre-right Michael Conti won the election in the first round (49.9%), beating the common candidate of Pd and M5s by eight points, Paul Martinelli (41.1%). The centre-left called to overturn the result also in Siena (where they challenge each other Nicoletta Fabiocd, 30.5%, e Anna Ferrettics, 28.8%) and Mass (Francesco Persianicd, 35.4% e Romulus Riccics, 30%).

cright forward also in Brindisi, with the candidate expression of the M5s Robert

Fuscoalso supported by the Pd, which starts from a disadvantage of over ten points (33.2% against 44%) compared to the challenger Giuseppe Marchionna. In the final sprint towards the ballots, the pentastellato president Giuseppe Conte chose the Apulian city to play the charge in view of a still possible comeback. Hope also corroborated by an analysis by YouTrend which, based on data from the administrative bodies from 2018 to 2022, underlines how in the ballots it is easier to make up for center-left candidates than for center-right ones.

Speech that does not apply to Terni, where the candidate supported by the coalition of government, Orlando Masselli (35.8%), goes to the duel with the center-right civic Stefano Bandecchi (28.1%). In Sicily, the focus is entirely on Catania. City chosen by Salvini, Meloni, Tajani and Lupi, for the closing rally. The leaders are hoping for the election in the first round of Vincenzo Trantino, the favorite from the start over the candidate of Pd and M5s Maurizio Caserta. Dem and pentastellati also united in Syracuse. Divided, however, in Trapani and Ragusa. Where they find an always compact centre-right. In Sicilian cities, candidates need only exceed 40% to be elected in the first round.

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