“We must also govern with appointments. The opposition struggles to accept defeats»- Corriere.it

“We must also govern with appointments.  The opposition struggles to accept defeats»- Corriere.it

Of Paula DiCaro

The FdI deputy: «Rai? Those who are not at ease will make his choices »

No second thoughts, let alone my fault. The left-wing accusations of occupation of power? "They struggle to accept that governing, when it's not up to them, is not an abuse of power". The stalemate on the appointment of Bonaccini as commissioner for Emilia-Romagna? "It is degrading that the only interest of the opposition in this dramatic moment is to name who will have to spend the money". The Colosimo case? «We cannot let ourselves be held back in our action by the construction of controversy about false assumptions». Mattarella's words on the no to an excessive and often out of context decree? «We will listen to itbut I also like to point out, among the things the head of state said, that everyone has the right to have their voice heard. And after the case of the Book Fair, it is a precious warning».

John Donzellihead of the national organization of Brothers of Italy, pending the results of the administrative elections, shows how confidently this majority moves: «Also thanks to the centrality conquered by President Meloni on an international level. Never seen such attention to our country due to posture that whoever leads this government and the government itself is in a difficult phase and in a difficult international context. They told us that we would be the outcasts of the West, even just the photos showing Meloni and Biden make it clear that we don't go hat in hand to anyone. And this gives credibility and strength to Italy, to everyone's advantage».

The majority is solid, but they are reproached for taking advantage of it by wanting to occupy every position of power.

«The premise is a must. The left has struggled to understand that it has lost the elections, and to accept that by losing, unlike in the past, it will not be able to govern and manage power. And therefore he considers it an arrogance that we instead choose to govern even through appointments that belong to us. There is a precise mandate that our constituents have given us. They have the right as an opposition to criticize, but we as a majority to act. And do not delude themselves that they will stop us with campaigns of lies and falsehoods".

Does it mean that you will do what you want and how you want?

«No, because in a democracy there are checks and balances and we respect them. The opposition has what it deserves, starting from the guarantee commissions on which we do not speak, from Copasir to Rai ».

But do not mediate, as in the Colosimo case.

«I'm really sorry that some associations of mafia victims, who deal with daily pain, have taken doubts and poisons spread by the left for good. But we cannot let campaigns of mud and hatred condition our action. Colosimo has nothing to do with black terrorism, and will prove his worth in the field. An opposition based on accusations regardless, always and everywhere, is only strengthening us ».

Meanwhile, everything happens in Rai, Fazio and Annunziata leave, there is the fear of a right-wing monopoly.

«We are for a meritocratic and free Rai, to dismantle a system of power that has been gangrenous for years. If there are those who are not at ease in a climate of free confrontation, they make or will make their own choices: evidently there are those who have understood that the previous criteria no longer apply, that they had led some to do what they wanted . Information will no longer be managed as it used to be: now merit will count, also because if we were to promote only those with FdI cards we would have very few names to "place"! Pluralism, freedom and confrontation. And someone says that his first appearance on TV was with Santoro...».

If he deserves the credit, why is Bonaccini, whom even center-right governors consider the right man, not appointed commissioner for Emilia-Romagna?

«I remember that in a few days this government has allocated over 2 billion for the emergency, with the water still asphyxiating the lands and the displaced people. Record times. More funds and projects will be needed. The question is who is going to spend the money? Everything in time for him. Now people are interested in getting back to living and producing. It is embarrassing to argue about this ».

Isn't the problem the division in the majority?

«There are no divisions, there is maximum cohesion, in the CDM and in the majority. Even on Ukraine, contrary to forecasts, we are all on the same side, as we are on everything, starting from unity in the cities to voting".

But act with an emergency decree that Mattarella continues to deem excessive. You will hear it?
«Of course, they are fundamental findings for a democratic confrontation. However, it is true that since this government was born we have had such a number of emergencies that we have to act as quickly and efficiently as possible. But we have always supported the importance of the centrality of Parliament. We won't be the ones to question it."

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