Minimum wage, 48 hours to deal. The Pd: "No postponement in the dark"

Minimum wage, 48 hours to deal.  The Pd: "No postponement in the dark"

ROME - Countdown on the minimum wage. There are 48 decisive hours: tomorrow, Tuesday, the battle in the Labor commission of the Chamber begins again. And today the opposition decides what to do after the opening of the premier Giorgia Meloni: a meeting of the group leaders has been set in Montecitorio. But the road, on which everyone seems united for now - from the Pd to 5Stelle to +Europe, Verdi-Left to Action - is that if the dialogue flourishes, nothing better to bring home the 9 euros per hour of legal minimum wage. But Dem Arturo Scotto says – and these are words authenticated by Elly Schlein – «no postponement in the dark in September, the right withdraws the amendment that suppresses the 9 euro law desired by all the oppositions (except Renzi): we are willing to hold mid-August in the classroom ».

The minimum wage dossier in Fazzolari. Meloni anticipates the League to avoid new cracks

by Antonio Fraschilla and Lorenzo De Cicco

For the majority, which should in turn meet between today and tomorrow, the knots are more difficult to untie. Because the forward flight, announced by Meloni to Repubblica, shows divisions and cracks. The League with the Undersecretary for Labour, Claudio Durigon is not against the minimum wage: "We are in favor where there is no bargaining". No prejudice even from that part of the Brothers of Italy that comes from the social right. However, Forza Italia's opposition is up to zero and Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani has defined the minimum wage as a "Measure worthy of the USSR". If the right really intends to put its hand on the dossier, removing the boulder of that amendment which simply suppresses the law - it is written: article 1. "suppress it" - it is more probable that Palazzo Chigi will manage the confrontation with the undersecretary Giovanbattista Fazzolari, together with the Minister of Labor Marina Calderone.

Minimum wage, uphill dialogue. Schlein: "The right votes with us"

by Giovanna Casadio

The minimum wage thus becomes a political test. Not only for the right, also for the opposition. The position of the 5Stelle is in fact closed to Meloni's advances. Vittoria Baldino, deputy head of the Grillina group in Montecitorio, denounces: «A sensational bluff comes from the government, that of the alleged opening, in words, of a table with the opposition on the minimum wage, while with the other hand, with deeds they bury the law in Parliament. And the discord between words and deeds lies in midsummer political marketing: over 60% of right-wing voters are in favor of the minimum wage. Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, instead declared that he was confident in the possibility of a confrontation with Meloni. But he in turn does not think that he can slip: he must be summoned before the holidays. The hypotheses and scenarios are the most varied. There are those who are betting on a right wing that on Tuesday, in committee, could decide to postpone everything to the 28 July meeting. Here another game begins, with open outcomes. However, the Democratic Party, as well as the 5Stelle, would not vote for a postponement to September. On the other hand, those who are convinced that the negotiation will immediately be on the classroom calendar. Andrea Orlando, the former Dem Labor minister, increases: «The minimum wage has often been introduced by conservative parties in Europe. The reactions of the centre-right are incomprehensible. I hope that after Meloni's words there will be a coherent conduct of the majority ».

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