“Blackout Alert”. In addition to the heat, the mockery of the leaping current. Compensation for users

“Blackout Alert”.  In addition to the heat, the mockery of the leaping current.  Compensation for users

On Wednesday 19 July, Italy came close to breaking the electricity consumption record, with the Terna grid recording over 59 GW in the afternoon, dropping to nothing from the previous peak in 2015.

The huge demand for energy is generated by the heat wave, which calls for intensive use of air conditioners. The problem, notes the Consumerismo No Profit association, which is spreading a "blackout alert" at the same time.

In fact, the chronicles of the last few days are full of news of these disservices. "From Bolzano to Palermo, the heat is causing anomalous energy blackouts throughout the peninsula", explains Consumerismo. The association retraces some of the most recent, most sensational events, such as in Rome, "where many passengers were stuck inside the metro for about half an hour, without air conditioning and without a telephone line. In June alone, there were 462 blackouts in the electricity supply, while in Naples, the underground lines went haywire due to the asphalt reaching very high temperatures which damaged the underground cables , cutting off electricity supplies to families and shops forced to close early, right up to Palermo, where for days there have been continuous interruptions and blackouts that are putting a strain on the city".

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According to data from e-Distribuzione, of the hundreds of daily outages in this period, "Sicily, with continuous suspensions of energy supplies throughout the region" is the victim.

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User rights

Luigi Gabriele, president of the association, on the basis of what is happening, recalls that "the legislation provides compensation for the victims of supply interruptions, based on precise parameters that vary according to the size of the municipality of residence".

The association therefore reminds you when the indemnities can be triggered:

  • Municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants: interruptions exceeding 16 consecutive hours;
  • Municipalities with more than 5,000 but less than 50,000 inhabitants: interruption exceeding 12 consecutive hours;
  • Municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants: interruptions exceeding 8 consecutive hours.

In the event that there has been an outage exceeding the standard envisaged, an automatic indemnity of €30 is triggered, increased by €15 for every 4 hours of outage up to a maximum of €300, which will be recognized in the bill by your supplier on behalf of the area distributor. These indemnities – Consumerismo concludes – do not preclude the possible possibility of making a claim for damages in cases where there is damage to devices/appliances or the impossibility of being able to carry out work.

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