Meloni on the world day against drugs: “Enough with the alright policy, have a joint”

Meloni on the world day against drugs: "Enough with the alright policy, have a joint"


«I want to reiterate self-evident and banal concepts, knowing that I can become the subject of controversy, but I’m used to defending what I believe in. The first is that drugs always hurt and in any case, every single gram of active ingredient eats a piece of you». Said the president of the council, Giorgia Meloni, speaking in Montecitorio on the World Day against Drugs.

“Drugs are all bad for you”, continued the prime minister, “there are no distinctions, whoever says something different is telling a lie. To say that there are drugs that can be used is a deception”. “A policy that fails to give answers to young people to offer opportunities and who in return says ‘okay, but smoke a joint’ will never be my policy”. And again: “In a joint today there is an enormously greater quantity of active ingredient than there is in ‘was in those of a few decades ago and can something that has 78% of the active ingredient be defined as light?. We want to fight the culture of waste”. Then the attack on the TV series: “The whole narrative goes in the same direction: television series, documentaries, films. The message is that drugs are unconventional, it’s okay, it doesn’t hurt. There are series that tell the exploits of a drug dealer as if he were a hero”, broadcast “on the same platform where the documentaries against Muccioli».

The conference was staged with a protest by Riccardo Magi, who stood up with other +Europe activists with protest signs. Meloni’s response was immediate: “I know exactly what I’m doing, the point is if you realize it…”. “I’ve been at 3 percent for many years and I know what it means to seek visibility…”.


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