Meloni on the minimum wage: "Comparison with the opposition". And he jokes on the left: "In government for 10 years he now discovers the problem"

Meloni on the minimum wage: "Comparison with the opposition".  And he jokes on the left: "In government for 10 years he now discovers the problem"

The minimum wage "is a nice title, it works very well as a slogan, but in its application it risks creating problems", says the premier Giorgia Meloni intervening at Don't Stop News on Rtl 102.5, immediately adding that he is available "to open a confrontation with the opposition" while emphasizing that the way forward is that of collective bargaining "to be strengthened". After the opening of the last few days, the prime minister is now back on the basic pay by law which, according to the latest survey by Noto polls, is liked by 70% of Italians, even among those who support the government.

"I'm a little intrigued by an opposition that after having been in government for about ten years, today discovers that there is a problem of wages and precariousness in Italy and considers it a responsibility of a government that has been in office for nine months", comments Meloni. The accusations of wanting to postpone? "We are not postponing any position", is the answer: "They asked for a discussion and it takes time to discuss but then you know: how to do it is wrong". It refers to the tug of war between the majority and the opposition. At the center of the game is precisely the suppressive amendment presented to the Commission, which would jeopardize the future of the proposal. Pd, M5S, Action, Avs and +Europe are asking for it to be withdrawn. The majority proposes not to vote on any amendments today and to postpone the discussion until after the summer. "The issue interests me. I've read Calenda's appeals, there is an opposition that takes a responsible, serious, polite, non-prejudiced position – comments Meloni – It is right to give a signal, regardless of the fact that we will then find a solution to the problem. We will open the discussion and try to understand if there is a solution", says the premier to Rtl.

The reactions of the opposition

Reply the opposition. "President Meloni, answer on the point. The issue of the minimum wage and fair pay has been under discussion in the Chamber since March. And it is by the will of the opposition - he says Cecilia Guerra, job manager of the national secretariat of the Democratic Party - Is it possible that in all these months you and your majority have not been able to make a shred of proposal? We have presented a shared one of the oppositions. What do you think? We want to know this. Did you say open to confrontation? It was time. We are here. From now. We are ready. And you?". He also intervenes Arthur ScottPd group leader in the Labor commission: "The prime minister's victimization is truly amazing. Instead of responding on the merits of our proposal on the minimum wage, she accuses us of making slogans. She doesn't want a confrontation with the opposition, but is only looking for an alibi to throw the ball forward and do nothing. We invite you to answer on the things we propose today, not on the things of the past. Otherwise the confrontation you are talking about is just a way of wasting time. We are ready to go to the courtroom and vote in August as well".

Meloni's words, for Mariastella Gelmini, senator and spokesperson for Action, are “encouraging, your openness is good. We are not interested in waving the minimum wage flag, but in achieving the result. We don't want to waste time, but if it takes a few more weeks to reach the goal, we're available, as long as it's not a postponement. Carlo Calenda has said it several times, we are also available to discuss it in the month of August, but shelving this debate is not acceptable. Faced with 3 million Italians with an hourly wage below 9 euros, evading the problem would be wrong".

“Meloni has a short memory – he attacks Riccardo Tucci, deputy of the M5S in the Labor Commission - Troubled by the fact that the minimum wage, which she defines as a 'bait and switch', is liked by three out of 4 Italians, blames, as usual, the oppositions which, according to her, have only now become aware of the issue of poor work and precariousness. The M5S has actually been talking about it for ten years and making concrete proposals. Therefore, if the minimum wage has not reached the finish line, it is also due to those parties, such as the League, which today make up its majority – continues Tucci – Meloni review a bit of history before making certain statements. For the M5S, work is serious business. Our proposal is on the table and does not lower wages as the premier claims. If there has to be a comparison, let's start by clearing the field of fake news. We are here".


Meloni then reiterates his willingness to “arrive, and we are in the finishing straight, proposing a constitutional reform which essentially has two objectives: the first is that it is the Italians who decide who governs the nation, it is not the palace games; the second is that whoever wins the elections must have the possibility of governing for five years and be judged at the end of his mandate on the basis of whether he has done his job well or badly", observes the Prime Minister on the microphones of Rtl 102.5. And will she govern for 5 years? "Yes. Even if I consider it a bit of a marathon and I hope to have the physique because with these rhythms... Let's say that these have been a bit intense months, here".

Meanwhile, "in the next two weeks" we will approve "the general tax reform, which has been awaited for decades. We have intervened several times but never in such an organic way. On the one hand we want to lower taxes" and on the other "to build a different relationship between the state and citizens, of mutual trust, between the tax authorities and taxpayers", explains the prime minister, assuring that "we will be very strict in terms of the fight against tax evasion, working on trust". "We are aware of an excessive tax burden that weighs on citizens and businesses. The goal we have set ourselves is to lighten it in a generalized way ", she concludes.

Meloni against the left: "Sanchez is consoled by a draw, it's funny"

On the Spanish vote "I have read many reconstructions. Vox's result was expected in the current context" but in any case the center-right "is growing a lot in Spain" even if "no one is able to express a majority and I wish the Spaniards to form a government as soon as possible because we are friendly peoples regardless of who governs", the premier always comments on Rtl 102.5 adding that "it makes the Italian left smile, which is consoled with the playoff of the Spanish left" by Sanchez.

The Zaki affair

"The controversies" related to the story of Patrick Zaki "Frankly, they don't interest me, so much they do about anything. I'm just happy because the case has been resolved, I'm happy for Zaki, I'm happy for all those who have fought for him over the years – says Meloni – And obviously there is no barter, because in the same spirit we will also continue to seek truth and justice for Giulia Regeni".

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