Meloni and the dry answer on Marina Berlusconi: "She is not a political subject"

Meloni and the dry answer on Marina Berlusconi: "She is not a political subject"

“I can't consider Marina Berlusconi a subject of the coalition because it is not a political subject". Was the answer of Giorgia Meloni, delivered to reporters in Palermo on the anniversary day of the Via D'Amelio massacre, regarding the letter written by the Knight's eldest daughter. A vitriolic missive, published in the columns of Newspaper (magazine historically connected to the family) in which the Cav's daughter launched an all-out invective against the press and magistrates, guilty - it is the thesis - of having launched a campaign of "persecution" against her father.

The letter speaks openly of an axis between the "prosecutors" and the "friendly media organizations" which would aim at the "media condemnation" of the deceased leader. The reference is to the articles published on the Cav's alleged involvement in the 1993 massacres, the subject of an investigation by the Florence prosecutor's office.

Marina Berlusconi's words have unleashed the indignation of the press and the judiciary. The president of the Italian National Press Federation in an interview with Republic spoke of an "attack on freedom of information" with the aim of "delegitimizing investigative journalism". Meloni, for his part, decided to overlook without going into the merits of the words spoken by Marina Berlusconi, with whom the premier has an excellent relationship.

An evasive answer, little appreciated by Matthew Renzi, also critical of the investigation carried out by the Florentine prosecutors. "I didn't like the answer Meloni gave about Marina Berlusconi," he said in an interview with Bruno Vespa. "What is happening is enormous - he continued -. But is it ever possible that Berlusconi can be considered the instigator of the massacres?. And again: "Marina has my human and political respect for what he wrote in his letter to Il Giornale: raging against a man who no longer exists, I say that I never voted for him, is unfair. The Prosecutor brings legality to Florence and does not start rewriting history for political reasons against Berlusconi".

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