Conte and Schlein's embarrassment about the pardon for Zaki: they don't mention the Meloni government

Conte and Schlein's embarrassment about the pardon for Zaki: they don't mention the Meloni government

While Renzi and Calenda congratulate Palazzo Chigi, the leaders of the M5s and Pd refer to the years of mobilization and not to diplomatic work. But in the Democratic Party there are also those who stand out and thank the executive

The pardon for Patrick Zaki is "good news", which comes after years of mobilization for his freedom. And never mind if in the end it was the diplomatic work of the government led by Giorgia Meloni that was decisive: Elly Schlein and Giuseppe Conte they don't even mention it.

When al Sisi's decision was confirmed yesterday, mid-afternoon, the first to comment on the news from the opposition was Charles Calenda. Unambiguously, the leader of Azione congratulated "the government and the foreign ministry for the work done". It will follow after a few hours too Matthew Renzi: “I congratulate President Al-Sisi and President Meloni on the decision”.

On the other hand, the words of the two leaders of Pd and M5s are of a completely different tenor, who look back on the years of battles spent to ask for the release of Zaki, rather than on what concretely served to obtain the consent of Al Sisi.

On the other hand, Schlein has supported Zaki's cause with activism since his arrest in 2019, she also mentioned him in her first speech as secretary of the Democratic Party after winning the primaries and when the sentence arrived two days ago she asked for the intervention of the government: "Activate yourself with all possible tools to obtain release and to intercede with the Egyptian government to grant him pardon". Then all of that happened, but the government became an unmentionable player.

The attitude of other members of the Democratic Party equally involved in the mobilization for Zaki's freedom is different, from Philip Sensi – the first to break the news yesterday in the Senate Hall, welcomed by the applause of the hemicycle – a Lia Quartapelle. Both also referred to the current government when commenting on the good news.

In the M5s Conte is instead in good company. Because among the official statements - from Vittoria Baldino, deputy head of the M5s group in Montecitorio, to Maria Domenica Castellone, vice president of the Senate - there is none that refers to the diplomatic work of the current government, nor of the previous ones.

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