Marcos Antonio, Lazio and the racist insult of a fan on twitter -

Marcos Antonio, Lazio and the racist insult of a fan on twitter -

Of Salvatore Riggio

A fan on twitter offends black footballers, the Brazilian Marcos Antonio replies: "Absurd, you won't shake me". Lazio in solidarity: «Shameful incivility». When Lotito sued the ultras

"It's unacceptable." A racist tweet from a Lazio fan infuriated Marcos Antonio who publicly condemned him, finding the solidarity of the Biancoceleste club and many other fans. "It's incredible and unacceptable that we still have to read these things today."

Let's go in order. This "fan" on Twitter (he puts the Curva Nord hashtag in his message) proudly boasted of the fact that with all market operations achieved so far and future ones - with Marcos Antonio himself ready to say goodbye - Lazio would no longer have black playersclosing with two very explanatory emojis regarding his political beliefs, namely a black heart and an outstretched hand.

A comment that Marcos Antonio absolutely did not like and to which he duly responded with a message posted on his social profiles: «It is incredible and unacceptable that nowadays we still have to read this type of situation. So know you won't shake me at all. My head will always be high and eager to fight this nonsense."it is read.

And the Biancoceleste club also lined up alongside its player and officially took a stand retweeting Marcos Antonio's message and expressing solidarity: «Marcos, your battle against racism is ours. All of SS Lazio is with you. For that comment, the result of incivility, there is only one word: shame».

Regardless of whether or not the «fan» actually belongs to the Curva Nord, it is not the first episode of racism from which the Biancocelesti must dissociate themselves, and not only in historical times. Last season, to name one, the sector was closed due to disqualification - without parole - for the racist episodes that occurred on Wednesday 4 January during the home match of Lecce, at the Via del Mare stadium. Targets Umtiti and Banda.l But there was no shortage of heavy anti-Semitic chants in the derby against Roma either. Roman salutes are the practice (and there was the case of Hitlerson's No. 88 shirt).

To the point that the club is studying a lawsuit against the fans for damages: Lotito after the match against Rennes, in which the sanction was given by UEFA, wanted to ask for damages for 50,000 euros with a letter to certain elements of the Curva: «You are responsible for the sanctioned behaviours. Regardless of the penal aspects of his behavior, great economic damage to society resulted from this".

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