"The terror was that they would hurt Alessia"- Corriere.it

"The terror was that they would hurt Alessia"- Corriere.it

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Gianluigi Donnarumma's first words after the house robbery: «They immobilized me, she handed over everything to the robbers. I was helpless and I was afraid for her"

“I think it's the worst feeling you can have. Finding people suddenly at home at three o'clock in the morning». Gigio Donnarumma's words after the dramatic robbery in his home in Paris, in the night between Thursday and Friday, when he and his partner Alessia Elefante were robbed in their home in huitième arrondissement, in the center. Indeed, more: the home of President Emmanuel Macron, and of all French people, is less than a kilometer away.

«I was immobilized – confirms Donnarumma a Free — and Alessia was forced to hand over everything we had of value». Material goods, for around half a million euros, but that's not all. The goalkeeper of the national team and of Paris Saint-Germain was made to kneel, turned and tied up, completely unable to move. A big big boy, crushed and beaten. He tried to fight back, getting hit on the head. “I can't go into too much detail – he explains – There are ongoing investigations. My fiancée and I had to leave the apartment to allow inspections to be carried out and to carry out the investigations useful for the investigations and we temporarily stayed in a hotel ». The same one in which they had fled after the robbers were removed and after having freed themselves, to raise the alarm.

«There was a lot of fear, but even more was that something could happen to Alessia. I was helpless, tied up, I couldn't do anything - continues Gigio's story - Then I don't speak French so well and it was difficult to explain to those people where all the things were. And it was Alessia, still very frightened, with them. Really excited moments and deep terror, especially fear for her. I was terrified that they might hurt her."

Donnarumma – unlike Mbappé, but for completely different reasons – will leave today together with PSG for the tour in Japan. Having overcome the usual criticisms of the fans and the press, he is preparing for his third season under the Eiffel Tower. With some fears for his house, however guarded, a stone's throw from the Champs Elysées.

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