Of Riva's "never", we have his forever but of Lukaku there will be nothing left

Of Riva's "never", we have his forever but of Lukaku there will be nothing left

You don't have to smile if you don't really believe it. A sentence read in a story, written by an author who deserves more attention (PVP his initials). These words came to my mind looking at Lukaku's face on the famous day of the five times "never". Looking at that face and that smile today, in the light of what happened later, makes you think. What does Lukaku believe in, what are his hopes? It's not a betrayal we're talking about, if anything the fans who believe in a world built to create illusions think about it, but a vision of man. What would we have done? This is the central question which, sorry for the inconvenience, calls the reader into question. Beloved of all, would you have rejected that love? Wealthy and mighty, would you have gone in search of more wealth and more power? Appreciated for your faith, made up of unequivocal gestures, such as looking at the sky, hand on chest, kissing your shirt, forefinger stuck to your nose to ask for respect, would you have forgotten everything, in the name of your vaporous ambition? I guess the answer is no, even if when faced with money, everyone reacts a little differently than they do.

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