M5s occupies the Junta for the elections. In the crosshairs the blitz of the majority on the counting of ballots: blocked jobs

M5s occupies the Junta for the elections.  In the crosshairs the blitz of the majority on the counting of ballots: blocked jobs

The 5 Star Movement blocks the work of the Board for the elections to the Chamber. The pentastellati deputies have decided to occupy the hall in protest against the amendment - supported by the centre-right - which sets new criteria for calculating void ballots. A technicality, apparently, but which could - this is the thesis of the 5 stars - mess up the results of the 2022 general elections. The tussle forced the intervention of the shop assistants. Some deputies, with chairs and others standing, are preventing the members of the junta from entering the chamber. He also joined the protest Joseph Conte.

The amendment

It all stems from an amendment wanted by Forza Italia signed by the deputy Peter Pittalis and which aims to make the principle of prevail please vote in the counting of ballot papers. Specifically, the center-right, which has the majority in the Giunta, wants ballots in which votes have been cast on several lists in support of the same candidate in single-member constituencies, currently considered void, to be considered valid. For the 5 stars it is an "attempt to subvert the democratic vote". If the amendment were approved - this is the fear of the pentastellati - there would be a recount of ballots which would result in the election of the forced man to the Chamber Andrea Gentile in the single-member constituency U02 of Calabria, which saw him lose against the 5s Anna Laura Orrico by 482 votes. "We occupied the election junta to demonstrate to the majority that only with the power of votes, with the power of numbers, it cannot overturn the sacrosanct right that enshrines our democracy: citizens' freedom to vote", said the deputy. Not only that: there are also other deputies at risk, such as Umberto Bossi of the League, Roberto Morassut of the Democratic Party or Gianni Cuperloalso from the Democratic Party.

Who risks

According to a report requested by the 5-star Movement, the seats of Immacolata Zurzolo (FdI) Cristina Rossello (FI) Luca Pastorino (Misto/+E) Daniela Dondi (FdI) Andrea De Maria (Pd) Beatriz Colombo (FdI) Chiara would also be at risk Tenerini (FI) Roberto Morassut (Pd) Valentina Barzotti (M5S) Carmen Letizia Giorgianni (FdI) Elisa Scutellà (M5S) Antonio Giordano (FdI) Isabella De Monte (Az) Emma Pavanelli (M5S) Umberto Bossi (Lega) Maria Cecilia Guerra ( Pd) Catia Polidori (FI) Aldo Mattia (FdI) Marco Simiani (Pd) Grazia Di Maggio (FdI) Giulio Cesare Sottanelli (Az) Riccardo Augusto Marchetti (Lega) Roberto Giachetti (Iv) Andrea Casu (Pd) Roberto Speranza (Pd) Eugenia Roccella (FdI) Gianni Cuperlo (Pd) Andrea Rossi (Pd) Andrea Quartini (M5S) Francesco Emilio Borrelli (Avs) Vito De Palma (FI) Elisabetta Piccolotti (Avs) Ubaldo Pagano (Pd) Maria Stefania Marino (Pd) Andrea Caroppo (FI).

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