Lease's new plan on European funds is the denial of Northern League autonomy

Lease's new plan on European funds is the denial of Northern League autonomy

The Minister of European Affairs wants to reduce the prerogatives in the hands of the regions in the use of European funds. A sign of the distance between FdI and Carroccio in terms of autonomy, despite the already approved decree of Calderoli

Perhaps it is necessary to scramble in search of the little hands, and to trace the author of more or less improvident parliamentary ambushes, and to persevere in the exegesis of encrypted messages between allies. Or maybe not. Perhaps, to record the distance between the Lega and FdI in terms of autonomy, just stick to the official documents. Like the one, for example, that last Thursday Raffaele Fitto sent to the governors. "Elements for the proposal for an agreement with the regions" is the title of the "summary note": and it is a three-page document which, in its essence, represents a substantial blow to the autonomy of the regions. But not the one to be built, the one for which Minister Roberto Calderoli is fighting so much. What emerges from the letter is the start of a new course that reduces the already existing prerogatives of the regions, and on a fundamental aspect: the use of European funds.

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