Jet HR, the personnel management platform, collects 4.7 million –

Jet HR, the personnel management platform, collects 4.7 million -


The startup Jet HR of personnel management collects 4.7 million euros, a record figure in Italy for the phase pre-seedi.e. for raising capital from private investors. The company intends to launch a technology platform to bring people management functions together: payroll processing, complete personal data sheets, labor cost simulations.

Lead investor

Jet Hr born from an idea of Marco Ogliengo and Francesco Scalambrino. To act like lead investor in the Exor Ventures operation and the Italian Founders Fund, supported by names such as Luca Ascani (founder of Lambda Alpha), Dario Brignone and Alberto Dalmasso (co-founder by Satispay), Max Ciociola (founder by Musixmatch), Luca Ferrari (founder by Bending Spoons), Luca Foresti (ceo Santagostino), Diego Piacentini (founder by View Different) , Matteo Pichi (founder of Poke House), Giorgio Tinacci (founder di Casavo), as well as others angel investor who have held key roles in international technology companies, such as David Clarke (formerly cto of Workday) and Joe Zadeh (former VP of Product at Airbnb).

Give paychecks to labor cost simulations

Through a single proprietary platform, Jet HR automates the processing of payroll, but allows you to obtain complete personal data sheets of personnel, to simulate labor costs, send contracts, formalize hiring autonomously. In addition to this, the platform can manage the rental and delivery of PCs for collaborators, the booking of medical visits, participation in safety courses and other mandatory obligations.


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