was aware of the Corriere.it scam

was aware of the Corriere.it scam

The other defendants

Stadler's two co-defendants in the trial, Wolfgang Hatzformer director of Audi and Porsche, and his right-hand man at Audi, John Pamio, have admitted to manipulating the vehicles' engines to ensure compliance with the legal exhaust values ​​during tests on a bridge, but not on the road. One was inflicted on the first suspended prison sentence of two years and a fine of 400 thousand euroswhile the second was inflicted a suspended prison sentence of 21 months and a fine of 50 thousand euros. These are the first criminal sentences in Germany for the diesel scandal that exploded in 2015. At the moment there are also other investigations or trials (in progress or planned) against former managers of the Volkswagen group.

The scam

Stadler, 60, disputed the charges throughout his trial, which began in September 2020, before agreeing in May to plead guilty in order to receive a sentence of less than ten years in prison. Before the judges, Stadler admitted that he had been aware in 2016 that the emission values ​​of diesel cars were liable to be manipulated and that he had allowed their marketing to continue in Germany until early 2018. The Dieselgate caused a worldwide scandal and heavily tarnished the reputation of the German automotive industry. In 2015, following allegations by the US Environmental Agency (Epa), Volkswagen has admitted that it has equipped 11 million "EA 189" type engines on its diesel vehicles with software capable of making them appear less polluting in laboratory tests and on the road. Stadler is not accused of being the instigator of the scam, but of having been aware of the installation of illegal software and of having done nothing to stop it.

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