(industrial) ice cream exceeds 7 euros per kg - Corriere.it

(industrial) ice cream exceeds 7 euros per kg - Corriere.it

The decline in the production of sweets

The impact was not the same for everyone: while on the one hand large companies have found a way to absorb the price increases, small and medium-sized ones - such as pastry shops - have had to face a price increase of around 58%. As for ice cream, for example, production for summer 2023 is almost completely completed in the Italian factories: last year it was 177,560 tons, equal to about 4 billion servings, and this year it's around the same figure. However, it is possible that it is the demand that is decreasing precisely because of the higher costs, which have repercussions on the final price. In addition to sugar, milk also rose by 23% and eggs by 35%. The new increase adds up to that already recorded in the summer of 2022, +13.1% compared to the previous year.

Increase (again) the price of ice cream

The Consumerismo No Profit association analyzed the trend of ice cream price lists throughout Italy: Florence is the city with the highest prices, the average stands at 7.93 euros per kg (with peaks of 9.66 euros/ kg) with an increase of 34% on last year (when 5.91 euro/kg was spent). The cost exceeds 7 euros per kg in the cities of Bolzano (7.20 euros), Ravenna (7.09 euros) and Milan (7.01 euros). In Rome the cost of 5.88 per kg. Padua, Vicenza and Siena, on the other hand, are the cheapest cities: the average value is under 5 euros per kg, 4.55 and 4.68 euros respectively. The sales data for 2022 confirm the positive trend of the sector - says Michelangelo Giampietro, president of the Italian Institute of ice cream -, but we cannot underestimate the unknowns linked to the performance of the national economy. We are confident that any instability factors will be managed and overcome without deviating from the tracks of a lasting recovery.


The bad weather of the last few weeks obviously didn't help. Rains have delayed the planting of this year's sugar beet by about a month and the immediate rise in temperatures increases the risk that drought and pests will spread more quickly and devastate small crops. By 2022, ice cream consumption had increased. According to the Italian Food Union, iThe value of production was calculated at 1,867 million euros, with a +10.3% compared to the previous year, while exports recorded a volume of 89,906 tons for 357 million euros, with a positive sign of 14.6% compared to 2021. The United States is the main market, with a turnover of 47 million euros, followed by Germany and Great Britain with 44 million each.

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