«His commitment to the weak is a point of reference for governments»- Corriere.it

«His commitment to the weak is a point of reference for governments»- Corriere.it

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The message of the head of state on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Francis' pontificate: we are grateful for his commitment to Italy

«The happy anniversary of the tenth anniversary of the Pontificate offers me the very welcome opportunity to formulate, on behalf of the Italian Republic and myself, heartfelt best wishes combined with sentiments of gratitude for the fundamental work of Your Holiness at the service of the Catholic Church in Italy and in the world . His pastoral action reaffirmed the centrality of the person - with his inalienable rights and his equally inescapable duties and responsibilities - for the protection of the planet, the common home of all humanity. The encyclicals “Laudato si'” and “Fratelli tutti” represent milestones on a journey which in the “Document on human fraternity” finds new, concrete and promising prospects for mutual understanding and fruitful collaboration». This is what we read in the message sent by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, to Pope Francis.

« The international community looks with keen interest at his work and at his words, which trace the main road to ensure humanity a horizon of peace and authentic development. His magisterium, aimed at eliminating inequalities and supporting the most vulnerable fringes of our societies, has profoundly marked this decade and I am sure he will continue to represent a point of reference for governments, international organizations and multitudes of believers and non-believers - writes the head of state -. His constant solicitude for Italy and for those who live in our country is highly appreciated by our national community, which looks with hope to the Primate of Italy and his many trips to large cities and smaller ones but not for this less important. I am personally very grateful to you for this commitment. With these sentiments I join all the Italians who on this auspicious day wish to join Your Holiness in wishing you many more years of fruitful teaching".

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