“I like Schlein as a woman and as a fighter. Those who vote right are like the kid who votes for Easter»- Corriere.it

“I like Schlein as a woman and as a fighter.  Those who vote right are like the kid who votes for Easter»- Corriere.it


Of Nino Luca

The former partner of the Fi leader: Berlusconi changed for Salvini’s electoral strength. The homophobic and racist Northern League. I don’t forget what he said about southerners

Take the onslaught of cameras. in the middle there Francesca Pascale, former partner of Silvio Berlusconi and now an activist for LGBTQ+ rights. In a black suit with a white shirt, he answers everyone. Even to Piero Ricca, journalist and blogger. That Ricca who, if we rewind the tape quickly to 2003, we find outside the SME trial room yelling at Silvio Berlusconi buffoon, get tried. Twenty years later he turns to the Cavaliere’s ex-girlfriend in Piazza della Scala and asks her provocatively: Were you already a lesbian when you were with Silvio? She confronts him: Don’t say that as an insult. I have never hidden my bisexuality from the loved ones in my life, even from Berlusconi. The face-to-face becomes a physical confrontation, she pushes him: Don’t address me with this perverted and chauvinist attitude. A few minutes earlier Francesca Pascale declared as a political leader of LGBTQ+ rights. This square is made up of people, people who pay taxes, who behave well. The government should pay attention to them and not use the legislative vacuum as the usual excuse to discriminate against this community.

You said they treat you like criminals.
The homophobes of this country and the sovereigns of this government treat us worse than criminals, as if we were the last wheel in the cart. When I wandered in the maze of the right I met many homosexual people. I’m sorry Meloni doesn’t realize this. Today all those on the side of civil rights can do nothing but vote for Elly Schlein because there is no alternative.

Do you want to appeal to Giorgia Meloni?
I would like him to look at us with a serene, simple eye, as he looks at his daughter and loved ones and all the other people who suffer injustices for no reason. She should pay attention to it as a woman, as a mother, as a Christian, but above all as a civilized person. I want to trust the woman who is, to realize that dialogue is the only way out.

Do Berlusconi think as you do on these issues?
I remember yes, then something changed: I attribute it to Salvini’s enormous electoral strength. He is homophobic and racist. I don’t forget what he said about southerners. He repeated that the South was not Italy. I certainly wasn’t wearing the T-shirt with the words “Padania is not Italy” written on it. Points cannot be recovered with the bridge over the Strait of Messina. That’s just to clear your conscience. And in any case, if tomorrow morning his electorate says “Long live Gay Pride”, we would see him on floats with feathers.

So you felt uncomfortable staying in the centre-right?
I don’t deny anything, I would do it all again. But my word counted for less than zero. On these issues I broke Berlusconi’s soul every day until our story ended.

Now there’s Schlein.

I really like him as a person, as a woman, as a fighter. Not recognizing yourself in center-left values ​​and voting right in my conditions as if a kid were voting for Easter.

She civilly united with the singer Paola Turci.
One year of marriage, wow! Unfortunately not for my wife. Frankly, I feel no different than a heterosexual couple. I’d like to become a parent, even if you don’t have to take any steps towards selfishness. Because as far as I’m concerned, the little girl in me must heal first and then think about having a child. And I would like to have the freedom to think about it without feeling like a criminal.

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