"He will be a friend of everyone's taxman, but we won't make any amnesty" - Corriere.it

"He will be a friend of everyone's taxman, but we won't make any amnesty" - Corriere.it

Of Virginia Piccolillo

The deputy and head of organization of FdI: "We have the most advanced anti-corruption law in Europe, even if we remove the abuse of office, other regulatory instruments remain to protect the PA"

"There will be no pardon." Fiscal peace will allow everyone to "do their duty" but in a "predictable" way: with the two-year composition with creditors "you share first what you will have to pay for two years: simpler and no longer vexatious. But if you get smart, your money is taken directly from you. You can't cheat». Giovanni Donzelli, FdI organization manager, is convinced of this and closes to the changes to the cancellation of the crime on the abuse of office. Despite the Quirinale's doubts about the risk of misalignment with European legislation. "We have the most avant-garde anti-corruption law in Europe, even if we remove the abuse of office, other regulatory instruments remain to protect the PA," he says.

Who is a «Tax friend»?

"Of all. For the first time the State no longer overwhelms you with bureaucracy but agrees on the basis of your income how much you have to pay ».

Will there be forced withdrawal?

"On the contrary, with the balances of the Nadef we will also reduce the rates from 4 to 3. Making millions of Italians pay less taxes".

You want the universal crime of surrogacy.

«We defend the dignity of women, also to protect their bodies. And the possibility for a child not to have the right to have a father and a mother taken away by law. This does not limit the freedom of sexual choices, but it no longer makes sense that rented wombs are prohibited in Italy but those who have the money can, abroad, exploit the body of a woman from a poor country. In this way we believe we are also protecting the rights of children".

Will you go to the celebrations of the Via d'Amelio massacre?

"Yes. I've always gone there, it's part of our DNA. For us at Azione Universitaria and Azione Giovani it has always been a fixed appointment. We were all there, including Giorgia ».

Why won't Meloni come to the torchlight vigil?

«Giorgia said that she will not miss her presence in Palermo in memory of Paolo. Her modalities are chosen on the basis of her institutional role ».

Did Nordio skim your appointment?

"No. He fights the mafia more than anyone commenting these days. His was a jurist's reflection. The facts speak for themselves. Nothing was discussed. Nobody in this government wants to dismantle the anti-mafia laws. On the contrary, we work to tighten the links».

But the doubts in Forza Italia?

«In FI there is Rita Dalla Chiesa. Her life and that of her family speak for themselves. And in any case, this government is the one that has done the most in the fight against the mafia. The very first act was the law on life imprisonment which allowed us to keep the bosses in prison. Then the defense of 41 bis, on the harsh prison for mafia members. I'm proud of it."

The Prosecutor of Florence on the massacres returns to point the finger at Dell'Utri. Is it Berlusconi's damnatio memoriae, as his daughter Marina says?

"I am sure that politically, historically and culturally it is impossible to connect the massacres with Berlusconi's descent into the field".

Are you sure?

«The theory that Berlusconi wanted the massacres to arouse a security reaction makes no sense. Berlusconi was "the man with the sun in his pocket", optimistic, smiling and liberal. And then he strengthened all the laws against the mafia ».

Is Nordio left alone? Only FI defended him.

“No, the government is united. He is a heritage of the center-right and of the nation".

Is it true that you have reinstated your annuities?

«Conte's hoax. It was the commission, in prorogatio. FdI voted "no". The "yes" passed thanks to a commissioner elected in the M5S".

Should Santanchè resign?

«It is not due, he gave the explanations to the Senate. If we stood behind the opposition we would all have to resign."

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