"Bossi-Fini must be saved". Undersecretary Molteni replies to Tajani and Piantedosi

"Bossi-Fini must be saved".  Undersecretary Molteni replies to Tajani and Piantedosi

Contrasting irregular immigration and managing flows, these are the two points that the Northern League deputy and undersecretary reiterates after the openings of FdI and FI to a revision of the flagship law of the Carroccio

“The principles of Bossi-Fini are not negotiable. Otherwise, if the crime of illegal immigration is brought into question, we risk ending up like France. Throwing open the doors to what the left has been asking for for years: the temporary permit for work reasons”. Undersecretary of the Interior Nicola Molteni is categorical in responding to Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani. Who yesterday told Il Foglio: "Yes, Bossi-Fini can be changed". But also to his minister, Matteo Piantedosi, according to whom "Bossi-Fini has proved to be ineffective". Here then is that the call to order by the exponent of the League has a certain effect. Also because the FdI deputy Sara Kelany, very active on the issue of immigration, always says to the Foglio: “The Bossi-Fini is not a totem. It is a law that is now twenty years old, therefore a revision is not out of the question”.

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