Gran Bazar Puglia: Emiliano celebrates the new mayor of Altamura with Lega and Udc

Gran Bazar Puglia: Emiliano celebrates the new mayor of Altamura with Lega and Udc

The transformative embrace of the Apulian governor is all in a photo that immortalizes him with the former undersecretary Rossano Sasso (of the Carroccio) and Massimo Cassano (of the Cesa party secretariat) to celebrate Antonio Petronella. So the Heel of Italy snubs the identity of Elly and Matteo for souk logic

There is the former undersecretary of the League, now a deputy, Rossano Sasso, the regional councilor Gianni Stea (ex Fi, now civic with the Popolari), the sheik Michele Emiliano, the former undersecretary Massimo Cassano, formerly Fi then civic emilianista and now in the national secretariat of the UDC, and finally Sandrino Cataldo, leader of the South in the center, a civic list born in the center-right and now linked to the regional councilor dem Anita Maurodinoia: here is the parterre of the "photo opportunity" of the Apulian administrative offices, taken yesterday in the square in Altamurawhere the chameleonic coalition that supported the new mayor Antonio Petronella was established by a handful of votes.

The new mayor beat the center-right candidate Giovanni Moramarco by 18 votes (the conservatives' appeal is taken for granted). The electoral campaign in Frederick's city, however, was punctuated by a series of details that photograph how the increasingly transversal civic spirit has supplanted the political categories in use at the national level in these latitudes.

In fact, in the second municipality of the province of Bari, the Democratic Party, which also has a regional councilor here, did not present the list due to the ostracism of the 5S, determined to also decide the candidates for the council of the dem. On the last day, Schlein's party, without a symbol, joined the Petronella coalition, where the League had already settled, with civic dress and without broadsword of Alberto da Giussano, a piece of Forza Italia and the UDC of Cassano, former dg of Arpal then unseated with the green light of Big Mike by the leadership of the agency (now coordinates the secretariat of Lorenzo Cesa). Salvini's Sasso commented the victory like this: "Here we see the success of Petronella, strongly desired by the League and by the centre-right. Too bad for the divisions in our coalition The League is a territorial party and here the best candidate for the territory won”.

After a surreal electoral campaign, with the government representatives of the League going to the Murgia to support Petronella, perhaps meeting fellow Melonian ministers in the city to support Moramarco, the "photo opportunity" establishes the extraterritoriality of Apulian politicswhere the identitarianism of Schlein or Salvini gives way to logics that archive belongings for usual formulas in the Grand Bazaars.

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