Giro d'Italia, today the eighteenth stage: the route and where to see it on TV

Giro d'Italia, today the eighteenth stage: the route and where to see it on TV

ODERZO - The first of the three stages that will decide the Giro, the Oderzo-Val di Zoldo (Palafavera), is the shortest of this edition, but the 161 km will be full of pitfalls, with five climbs scattered along the route.

It starts immediately uphill with the Crosetta pass (11.6km at 7.1%, max 11%), after 40km on flat ground. After the brow, a challenging section follows between descent and ups and downs, which also includes the short climb of Pieve d'Alpago (3.3 km at 5.5%, max 12%, fourth category), which will lead the group into the Piave valley. From here you go up to Pieve di Cadore, at km 115, where there is also the first flying finish line.

The route of stage 18

In the middle of the day the first category ascent of Fork Cibiana (9.6 km at 7.8%), with peaks at 15%: from the top there will be 36 km to the finish line. The subsequent steep descent will take the runners to the second flying finish line in Forno di Zoldo, from which they will immediately go up again towards Coi (5.8 to 9.7%, maximum 19%): narrow road, very bad slopes. From the brow, from which there will be about 5 kilometers to the finish, a short descent follows to then go up again for the last 2.7 km, at about 6%, but with a peak at 10% and eight hairpin bends leading to the finish line of Palafavera. A truly great show, on paper, which will put all the riders to the test and make the fight for the pink jersey explode again.

Departure time: 12:20

TV and streaming: 12:20-14:00 RaiSport / 14:00-17:55 Rai2; 12:00-17:45 Eurosport 1 / Eurosport, Discovery+, GCN

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