Inter knows how to suffer and be a team. But with Manchester City better Lukaku than

Inter knows how to suffer and be a team.  But with Manchester City better Lukaku than

Of Daniel Dallera

Inzaghi brave coach, won the sixth Italian Cup. In the Champions League final, another head with the same heart is needed

He knows how to suffer for Inter, luckily he also rejoices, giving his helmsman, Simone Inzaghi, his sixth Italian Cupthree as a coach (1 with Lazio, 2 with Inter) and three as a player (with Lazio). Courageous coach Inzaghi, because deploying Gagliardini in the final to defend the result, that 2-1 so tormented, it takes guts. Especially after what he did on Sunday in Naples. If Correa is added... But the Inter of the heart, who knows how to be a team, who travels and lives vigils and emotions with its president Steven Zhang, at its fifth trophy: 1 Scudetto, 2 Super Cups and 2 Italian Cups. He suffers at the beginning, even at the end, conceding against Fiorentina, but the Coppa Italia lifts him up and Inter kisses him. And on June 10th in Istanbul, hopefully with a different mind, but with the same heart, there is a Champions League to be played. Who knows what may happen, even to conquer her.

At the start Inter pale, a departure that reveals if not fear, inexplicable at these levels, a certain shyness. Obviously, Fiorentina, with the chutzpah imposed by an Italian, will take advantage of it. From this attitude so different and give it strike by the Nerazzurri defense, much more dangerous and harmful than that of the ultras, Fiorentina's goal was born. It takes time for Inter to wake up, slow in all its actions, in a tourist version at the Olimpico. Strange, very strange.

The first to think so is Lautaro, who shakes Inter once or twice, in his own way, with class and determination, makes her understand that he's not into it, he's come to Rome to win. By sending a signal to Guardiola that by seeing him play he learned an easy lesson: if you take care of the Argentine like this, leaving him comfortable times and spaces, as Fiorentina did wrong, he, the ruthless Toro, will make you pay. If then Inzaghi puts Big Rom Lukaku next to him, and not Dzekoimmediately from the first minute, eager to show the English (from Chelsea) that they treated him coldly and not pampered as in Milan, there would be two of them looking for the goal and worrying Guardiola. It wouldn't be a bad idea, but Inzaghi, he proved it, certainly has better ones.

May 25, 2023 (change May 25, 2023 | 07:03)

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