Luca striker like his father -

Luca striker like his father -

Of Monica Scozzafava

Lucas Cavani is 10 years old and together with his mother and other brother they have never left Naples. Now the membership with the very young of the club and a bit of shame in telling dad

Now how do I tell dad who will play for Napoli? I'm ashamed he says to his mother. He is Lucas Cavani, 10 years old, son of the Matador, who has been registered among the very young of the De Laurentiis club. L where the father in three years — 20102013 — scored 104 goals. The mother Maria Soledad, Cavani's ex-wife, who by choice remained to live in Naples after the father of her children passed to the PSG and also to another private life. Lucas is only ten years old, but he has the same goal instinct as Cavani senior, he moves like dad. He wants to keep his hair long, even if it's blonde, like him. Maytador at the time made the fortunes of Mazzarri's team before moving to Paris. Lucas has fully inherited it, striker just like Edi - today at Valencia - and as a very young boy he always attended the city's football schools. Until the audition with the very young players of Napoli, where the coach doesn't even give him too many discounts. His membership has been certain for a week, but he continues to tell the boy that he will still be doing tryouts. Feet on the ground but a lot of enthusiasm, those who saw him play convinced him: he moves like his father, he kicks like him.

Lucas lives with his mother Maria Soledad and older brother Bautista in Posillipo, an apartment with a sea view that they never left despite Cavani's transfer in 2013 first to Paris, then to England at United and finally as a free agent at Valencia. Edinson Cavani's private life has never been at the center of gossip, although Edinson was married to Maria Soledad for five years (they knew each other as kids), now he has two other children from his current partner, a girl and a boy. The passion for football was also handed down to him by his father Luis, who was a professional player in Uruguay. Also players are his brother Christian, a defender, and his half-brother Walter Guglielmone who today acts as his agent.

The Matador's heir didn't know how to tell his father that Napoli had chosen him. I am ashamed, he confesses to his mother. She then joined him in Spain and did it very naturally and became the pride of the father. He's auditioning, they want him there. I spoke to him about this and he was a little ashamed to tell me that Napoli wanted him to start playing. That he goes to have fun, that he is happy, that he is able to live football with passion. In the end what matters, because doing something you don't like is bad. Do it with passion and love. My two sons are both huge Napoli fans. They know all the choirs. one nice thing I left him, Cavani senior recently revealed. Lucas and Bautista are every Sunday at the Maradona stadium when Napoli play, the imperative to go into the corner. It's up to Maria Soledad to accompany them.

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