Giorgia’s double line For the Mes it is a challenge on times –

Giorgia's double line For the Mes it is a challenge on times -


Of Marco Galluzzo

The satisfied leader. But on the Save States the hypothesis is postponed to 2024

He arrives in the building that houses the work of the European Council, stops for a few moments with the Italian reporters, then instead of immediately going up to the room hosting the summit, he gives himself over to foreign journalists. There are many questions in English, but one answer is more valuable than the others. Giorgia Meloni, faced with the protests of Poland and Hungary, her historical allies, spreads her arms: the one found on migrants a few days ago is a good compromise, even if I understand the reasons of those who protest.

an example of realpolitikand also the plastic emblem of a turning point that the Prime Minister takes 360 degrees within 24 hours. Before the summit, in Parliament, two days ago, he attacked the EU on the Mes, on the Pnrr and on an alleged double register by the Commission towards his government compared to the one presided over by Draghi. But the Chamber of Deputies, the words addressed to its majority and its electorate are one thing, the acts and declarations to the Europa Building another. The one that another prime minister arrives in Brussels, who does not point his finger at the institutions of the Union.

The completely different registry and the first words prove it: For us, the Council’s conclusions are an excellent starting point. On migration, Tunisia, flexibility in the use of funds as regards economic matters, on the first steps for a European sovereign wealth fund, there are the Italian positions. On this last point there is at least one aspect that particularly interests Italy. Even if in a reduced format, the European sovereign fund which will be called Step is being structured with at least two points that are dear to our diplomacy: using the Cohesion Funds also for large companies, and not only for SMEs, and diverting a part also towards non-disadvantaged Regions or in conditions of economic backwardness.

a negotiation that will resume in the autumn, on which the European Council simply certifies that the revision of the criteria of the financial balance from 2021 to 2027 is underway. But for Italy, the current evolution has more than one link with the Pnrr and the Commission’s proposals go in the direction advocated by our government.

Sure, while it’s true that while Meloni takes the floor in the Council to reaffirm the Italian line on the defense of the external borders of the Union in the face of illegal migrationin Italy a meeting of the Brothers of Italy certifies that today in Rome, in the Chamber, an expedient will be used, without the big names of the majority taking the floor, to postpone the question of ratifying the Mes until after the summer, perhaps even to 2024, as some of the majority go so far as to hypothesize. Today they will allow the discussion to start, then a suspension will be presented in the next few days. A postponement that was already foreseen, which perhaps will emerge today in the Council session dedicated to the economy, but which underlines the double register that our country is playing with respect to various EU dossiers.

Yet Meloni is satisfied because precisely on migrants, and he says it openly, we have changed the narrative of the EU in eight months, today’s conclusions were unthinkable when we arrived at the government. And the twelve billion more announced by Ursula von der Leyen for migration as part of the budget review are a good starting point. It is important to understand that to solve this problem we need money that should not be spent only on security. We need cooperation with African countries.

Meanwhile, precisely on this dossier other details of the pact reached three weeks ago are outlined. Compared to principle of solidarity mandatory introduced in favor of countries of first arrival there is also a form of compensation that suits Italy perfectly: migrants can also be discounted. If Rome is forced to take back all migrants from a European state that for unwilling to relocate migrants who have just arrived on the Italian coast on their territory, then the two figures can cancel each other out.

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