Giacomo Possamai, who is the mayor of Vicenza who routs the right

Giacomo Possamai, who is the mayor of Vicenza who routs the right

VICENZA. A handful of votes. Less than 500 probably: 23,000 votes against 22 and something. Just above 50 percent versus just under 50%. But that's what the center-left needs to wrest Vicenza from the center-right.

After an hour of waiting in front of the big screen where the results scroll in real time and reflections on the high turnout (almost 52.78% only one point is half less than the first round), at 16.15 in the electoral committee of Giacomo Possamai, 33 years old, explodes the first roar.

The unofficial count of list representatives is over and based on their data, which they have given him even if only by a few percentage points since the counting of the first seats, the leader of the Democratic Party in the Veneto regional council has done it. Possamai beat the outgoing Francesco Rucco, a center-right civic close to Salvini's League, and he will be the new mayor of Vicenza.

Vicenza, Possamai speaks: "A result beyond all expectations"

While awaiting official confirmation in the Possamai headquarters, the first bottles of prosecco begin to be snatched. The former mayor Achille Variati, MEP of the Democratic Party, is the first to arrive in front of the microphones: "It's done, Vicenza has chosen change".

The counting of Vicenza in real time

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